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Your Morning Dump… Where KG has found a stride

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morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“I think that’s it, because offense is second nature,” he said. “I
hate to say that, but since I’ve been in Boston my mentality has been
defensive. When I was younger I had a lot more responsibility as far as
playing the game. You have to come down and score at the end, you have
to defend the other team’s best player, make sure everyone has a solid

“Here I’m just a piece in the defensive puzzle, and I’m thinking
more defensively since I’ve been here. Since I stepped in and put the
jersey on I’m more of a defensive player and I like that. Offensively
I’m sound, and when I’m not forcing the issue everything else just

Herald: Celtics Garnett goes on the offensive

“I wasn’t even going to it but Paul was on my [butt] on the bench about
being aggressive, take the shot, take the damn shot,’’ Garnett said.
“Here I’m just a piece that fits in the puzzle. And I’m thinking more
defensively since I have been in here, since I stepped foot in here,
put the jersey on. I am just more of a defensive player and I like
that. Coming in I want to make sure defensively I am sound. When I am
not forcing the issue and not thinking everything else just flows. So I
think that’s all you see.’’

Globe: Timely return

There's no doubt KG has gotten hot offensively.  The jumper has been falling lately… like 94% falling over the past couple of games… but that will cool off.  We weren't all gaga about his offense when he was 9-28 over the Orlando/New York stretch.

The encouraging thing about the jumper is that KG came off that horrid shooting display with some confidence.  Actually, we might be able to point to that buzzer beater in New York.  Since then, he's gone 5-9, 6-6, and 11-12.  Great players figure it out… and KG's figuring it out.

And KG has stepped it up in the post a little.  The spinning off the post to go get alley oops is a new wrinkle.  He's been getting to the rim and drawing fouls.  He's not exactly explosive… but he's better than he was and not as good as he will be.

Up next, Page 2… Where Rajon Rondo is a lock for the All Star game

Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Right now things are looking very promising for Rondo. Just weeks after he signed that big extension
with the C’s, Rondo has been showing his worth. Aside the fact he is
playing for the East’s best team record wise, Rondo has been putting up
some stats as well. He is averaging 10.9 ppg, 9 apg (fourth in the
league), 4.1 rpg and a league-leading 2.5 spg. For a guard he is a
great rebounder and also shoots an excellent percentage (54 percent).
Very few guards in the league can match Rondo’s speed. It is doubtful
Rondo will get voted in by the fans but he is right there in the mix to
get voted in by the coaches.

Dime Magazine: All Star watch – Rondo a lock at this point.

Run down the guards in the East and you'll find that it's hard to put too many people above Rajon Rondo.  Dwyane Wade is getting voted in.  Joe Johnson is probably getting voted in.  After that, Rondo is definitely in the mix.  He is leading all Eastern guards in assists (9.0. Jose Calderon is 2nd with 6.4).  He's 2nd in the entire league in steals.  And he leads all Eastern guards in fied goal percentage.

His 10.9 ppg isn't going to pop off the stat sheet… but that could be the one thing that people are willing to overlook. Hey, if we live in a world where 15 and 16 game winners can become Cy Young winners in a stat-happy sport like baseball… a guy averaging 11 ppg while doing all those other things can certainly become an NBA All Star.

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  • people are very overreactionary in sports
    he has bad games, and hes done forever
    he has 2 good games, and hes found a stride
    He didnt look any different, hes still favoring his knee about 6 times a game, fatiguing quickly, not great defensively and his rebounding is still average…hes simply making wide open jumpshots and finishing at the rim…a little overrated