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Pierce’s place in history

This all started this weekend when the Celtics were playing Miami

the Miami broadcast posed a viewer poll asking who is the greatest Celtic of all-time. The options: Bill Russell, Jon Havlicek, Larry Bird and Paul Pierce….

Interesting that someone even thought to put Pierce in that list.  That link goes back to my story on TruFan, where I make the case that Pierce is just a step below Larry and Russ… but still… that someone outside of Boston puts Pierce in that conversation is intriguing.

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  • PutDJintheHall

    I love Paul Peirce as a player and his loyalty. he never gave up when the management didn’t give him shit to work with. Bird and Russel are in different galaxies though. Russell is Russell, no argument there and Bird always won. BUT Bird always had a great surrounding cast. Crappy benches, but great starters.
    I don’t feel Peirce enters the equation until he and Celts win another Championship.

  • Lex

    Russ then Larry and then Hondo. Hondo deserves special consideration as possible equal of larry, simply because he won titles with multiple generations of celtics.
    Pierce is somewhere below those three. If he doesn’t win another title, then his place will always be debatable. If he throws the team on his back and wins another one this year, he’s in the conversation with the above three.
    If he never wins another title, he’s not in the conversation.

  • Russ then Larry and then Hondo yep I agree.