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Iverson… back to where it all started

RedsArmyAdmin December 1, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Iverson… back to where it all started

Iverson rookie
It's looking like Allen Iverson could finish his career where it started… in Philly

But sources stressed to ESPN.com that plans behind the scenes have
progressed to a level where Iverson's return is now regarded by both
sides as far more likely than not. Although it remains unclear whether
Iverson has the leverage to command anything more than a pro-rated
share of the $1.3 million veterans' minimum, all indications late
Monday suggested that only an unforeseen about-face by the Sixers could
prevent Iverson from formally rejoining them by week's end.

Despite being 5-13, I still think Philly's got some nice young players.  But nice young players don't exactly sell the joint out. 

Guess what AI will do? 

So Iverson will play and probably start.  Ownership will pocket the increased ticket sales and concession revenues.  Philly will retard its building process (which it already began with the Elton Brand signing).  And the Atlantic division will remain comically weak for years to come. 

Really… look at what's coming.  No big name will go to New Jersey when they look at all the crap going on there…. so they'll be mediocre at best for the next few years.  New York could sign someone, but they're still going to be nothing more than "meh" with D'Antoni's 7 second offense.  Toronto will take a step back when Bosh bolts.

The only good team in the bunch is the Celtics… and we don't even know what to expect as the Big 3 era starts to wind down.  But we'll worry about that next year.  We've still got a job to do.

So get ready for Allen Iverson back in a Philly uniform when the Sixers visit on December 18.  If nothing else… it'll give us something to talk about.

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