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Your Morning Dump… Where as Rondo goes… yadda, yadda, yadda

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

Need a barometer that shows how Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo
took over Sunday's game? Check out his plus/minus rating, which was a
team-best (and by a wide margin) plus-16. And that might not even tell
the whole story.

Rondo registered 13 points and 11 assists, but his stamp was all
over a pair of pivotal fourth-quarter runs in which Boston pulled even,
then motored away.

With the Celtics trailing 74-69 with about eight minutes to play, Rondo assisted on a Brian Scalabrine
3-pointer, then made back-to-back driving layups to tie the game.

With the game knotted at 82 with less than three minutes to go,
Rondo assisted on three consecutive buckets, including a 3-pointer by
Ray Allen with 1:38 left that put Boston out front, 89-83.

"Those situations were created by that little guy," Heat coach Erik
Spoelstra said of Rondo. "He was excellent tonight, really… I thought
he controlled this game as well as anybody and I don't know if his stat
line is really as indicative of how much impact he had on this game."

ESPN Boston: Postgame Thoughts

If we've said it once… we've said it a million times… Rajon Rondo has the ability to carry this team.  We all know what he's got to do… and last night, when the team needed it, Rondo delivered.

Check out that crazy reverse layup in the video.  Sure, the side-step is nice… but check out Dwyane Wade.  He's setting up for a LeBron-esque chase-down block… but Rondo going to the other side of the rim took that away.  Instead of getting rejected, he flipped it in (and took contact that should have been a foul). 

Up next, Page 2… where Tony Allen's head is still his biggest problem

“There’s a chance he could play maybe the last couple of games on
the trip, but to us, if you’re not sure, wait ’til we come back and
just play the one game we have before we go on the next trip,” Rivers
said. “I think right now he’ll play in that game.”

Allen clearly is experiencing more trouble with his surgically repaired ankle than was anticipated.

“Just the ankle,” Rivers said. “He’s just not sure yet. That’s it.
There’s some pain I think and probably a confidence issue. We shouldn’t
put him on the floor until he’s confident.”

Herald – Celtics Notebook

… so you're saying you should never put him on the floor then?

Quick… name me one time Tony Allen came back from injury and DIDN'T have a confidence problem.  And why do we keep bringing it up?  Because despite all his flaws… he can still help this team.  Even if it's 10 minutes a game to slide in, play defense, and let Ray Allen get a couple of extra minutes on the bench. 

Yeah, yeah… we know… we know… get rid of him, we don't need him… blah, blah, blah.  Get it out of your systems in the comments.  You have to admit that the thought of any player that can help Ray or Pierce rest some more is intriguing… especially with Marquis Daniels' phantom thumb injury.

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  • DRJ

    No question about it… Wade gets star treatment out there. I mean, how does Rondo get body-slammed to the floor by a full-steam-ahead running Wade and there’s no call? There are just 3 guys in the NBA who get that kind of treatment from the bunch of corrupt morons we call the refs, and Wade is one of them. (None of the three lives in Boston, btw.)
    On the same night, Spoelstra calls him “that little guy” and KG “the little fella”. You’d think he was some kind of freak midget or something…
    On the one hand, TA is far and away the stupidest player on the team. We need him on the floor like we need tooth decay. On the other hand, I’m not sure that his TO rate will be higher than Ray’s. Every single game Ray is coughing up the ball at least once or twice on just bad dribbling or passing. On balance there’s no comparison, of course. I find it strange that Doc sounds almost like he’s eager to get TA back…

  • Lex

    Not the greatest game for my MVP candidate–Paul Pierce.

  • Lex

    Maybe instead of being a road trip where Pierce puts his name on the radar for league mvp, it will be that for rondo. Next up is T.Parker, and you know Rondo will be up for him.
    It’s my opinion rondo has another gear he hasn’t used yet, and that’s why I’m still waiting for more from him.
    In jackie MacMullan’s new book, Pat Riley described Magic Johnson as a player who could totally dominate a game without scoring a point.
    Sound like anyone else we know?

  • Next up is actually raymond felton i believe

  • Agree with heat head coach, obviously.
    But hes stating whats true in just about every single celtics game.
    Rondo is the most important player on this team, and how he plays will control the w/l more then anyone on the team.
    KG played nice and has been making shots, but hes still not where we need him….i dont think hes playinh any better then perkins

  • Lex

    Ah. My bad. Looking ahead I guess. Thanks.

  • Lex

    TA–I’ve always thought he was better as a 9-12 guy than a regular rotation guy. Doc picks his spots, and if he’s giving us anything, he stays in. If not, he gets yanked.

  • For three and the game

    Just like KG said after the game, “this team will go as far as Rondo takes us.” I love when Rajon uses the rim as a sheld from being rejected and would like to see him do that more, especially against Queen James and the Spazaliers. As far as TA, the human-turnover-waiting-to happen goes, I want to see him back on the floor to see how his game is coming along and what he has learned if anything.