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Chris Johnson vs. Rajon Rondo: Who ya got?


Chris Johnson is the Titans lightning fast running back that is challenging Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record.  He runs the 40 in, oh, only 4.24 seconds. 

Rajon Rondo is our lightning fast point guard who routinely makes defenders look stupid as he flies to the basket untouched.  His 40 time is… well… I don't know.  Let's just say its fast.

Well… Apparently Rajon Rondo, who is no stranger to challenging fast people to races, wants to see what Chris Johnson can really do.  At least… if you believe Chris Johnson on twitter.

My bradda @lambo6 called me and said they point gaurd rondo want to race me for 2k that's easy money set it up on espn

Yeah ESPN… set it up. 

For the un-initiated, @lambo6 is Marquis Daniels on twitter.  So Quisy is playing go-between and trying to set up a race between two of the fastest people in American professional sports. 

So.. who you got?  Hit us up in the comments.

(Thanks KWAPT)

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  • I’d love to see this, but if it happens, it probably wouldn’t be until the offseason. I can’t see Ainge approving-what if Rondo sprains an ankle or pulls a hammie? But, if it does, my $ would be on Rondo. He is longer and leaner and would win by a nose, or a finger…

  • bigmck

    I’ll take Rondo.
    I remember reading a quote where he suspected his 40 time would be 3.9.

  • They should set it up with the fastest guys from every sport, maybe michael bourn from the Astros in baseball, Rondo from the NBA, johnson from the NFL, and then have the fastest one race Bolt, to see how bad they would lose

  • Sophomore

    Sorry, gotta take Johnson. I’d take Rondo any day in something that called for change-of-direction, like a shuttle race. But straight-line speed over 40 yards? Gotta give it to the RB.

  • AboveTheRim

    Chris Johnson would dust rondo in a straight line race.

  • unknown

    they need to add usain bolt to this

  • Ryan

    Rondo might be quicker and therefore able to hang until about 30 yards but after that johnson would pull away as hes got rondo beat for top speed. Don’t forget Johnson wouldn’t be wearing pads. Top speed is tough to judge in basketball and don’t get me wrong Rondo is fast, but I think its his quickness as well that makes him stand out. Rondo’s HUGE hands give him great control over the ball, thus allowing him to dribble at his top running speed compared to other players that have to slow down to keep their dribbling in control.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Rondo dribbles from one basket to the other in 3.1 seconds, they time it in practice so they know what they are working with in game situations.
    Rondo’s time in a 40yd dash is claimed to be timed at 3.9 seconds. So I’ll take rondo in a 40

  • Tony Parker is faster , NEXXXXXXXXXXXT

  • MG

    3.9 Forty is quite possibly the most ridiculous estimate I have ever heard. He is moving faster than 10 yards a second. THe only proof you need is Johnson’s TD run from this past week. 3 players had angles on him and he ate it up like it was nothing. Rondo has no shot

  • OdieHoltz

    Are you kidding me? 3.9? No way. Bolt’s time would be around 3.5-3.6. There is no way that Rondo is that fast.
    Chris Johnson would smoke him in a straight line, a crooked line or hopscotch.
    And before you say anything, I am a huge Kentucky basketball fan, so I hold Rondo in high regard

  • odieholtz

    I don’t think that you are including the length of the inbounds pass or the point of attack at the basket.

  • bigmck

    Yes, I remember the night a pack of 12 Lakers fans could be heard chanting MVP for Kobe.
    I also remember Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals when no-show Kobe lead his Lakers to the worst defeat in finals history.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I’m just repeating what the TEAM has said before. They time him in practice dribbling from one end of the court to the other while dribbling a basketball and its just over 3 seconds. AND Rondo has also claimed himself that he has been timed on the 40 at 3.9 seconds. I find it hard to believe to but you never know

  • Bob

    Well well….we will see who blinks.

  • Lee Corso

    Johnson wins easy unless Rondo knows some kind of weird ET trick since he is a freaky looking space alien.

  • Trust Me

    Rondo is smoking crack if he thinks he can beat Johnson in the 40 yard dash. Won’t even be close. Like Johnson said “easy money”. LOL I guarantee Rondo doesn’t run an ‘official’ 3.9 sec 40 yard dash. Bolt vs Johnson would be a better race.

  • KaBone

    I don’t think you can take Bolt’s record, divide by 110, and then multiply by 40. Too much time is eaten up on the acceleration. I think CJ would have Bolt on the 40 because he’s lighter. Bolt would pass him around the 80 because he’s stronger.

  • Max

    I cant believe anyone would even consider rondo in this race. CJ set the combine all-time record for the 40 yd dash. Faster than randy moss, faster than Deion Sanders. In high school he came in second in the state for the 100 meter dash with a time of 10.66. He lost to Walter Dix. Walter Dix got bronze in the olypmics.

  • max

    yeah rondo also claimed he would beat usain bolt in a 40. Johnson would destroy him

  • < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    It's all in good fun-I am not taking the whole thing too seriously…

  • Rajon Rando is an idiot. 3.9 40? He’s out of his mind.
    And all of those saying Rando could maybe keep up because he is quick, Chris Johnson has the fastest acceleration in the NFL by a MILE. He’d win by 3 steps at least.

  • Tex

    NBA court = 94 feet in 3.1 seconds = 30.32 feet per second = 9.24 meters per second.
    40 meters at a rate of 9.24 meters per second = 4.33 seconds.
    CJ? 4.24 seconds.

  • Josh Lipinski

    Haha…well, y’all, chew on this…
    Bolt’s 100m is 9.58.
    There are 120ft in a 40-yard dash.
    There are 328.08ft in 100m.
    Bolt covered 328.08 feet in 9.58s. How fast could he cover 120 feet (40-yard dash)?
    (328.08ft / 9.58s) = (120ft / ??s)
    When you do out the algebra, Bolt averaged 3.5s for every 40 yards that he covered when he set the 100m record (again) this past summer.
    I’ll be the first to admit, acceleration is a big deal, but I bet Bolt could do sub-4 40’s. Chris Johnson ran a 10.38 100m as his fastest when he was a track star, and though that’s fucking lightning fast, that’s still 8.35% SLOWER than Bolt’s best.
    Bottom Line: Usain Bolt gets called the “World’s Fastest Man” because he is. There’s NOBODY on this planet that is faster than him, no matter what sport, it’s the truth. Bolt would house anybody in a 40, I would have no doubt whatsoever.

  • thats a lie. rondo doesn’t run a fucking 3.9, that is retarded.

  • Mwizzle

    Dude… Straight line or stop and go, my boy Chris Jeezy will spank Rondo. This is a JOKE. Rondo running a 3.9 is almost impossible he’d be setting records w/ that speed. Chris Johnson with my life savings.

  • Mwizzle

    By the way, from the starting 40 yards he might run will be way slower than the last 40 yards in his 100m dash. Not taking anything from Bolt but you can’t say he runs 3.5 for every forty. He will have momentum by the time he hits his last 40 yards. Chris Johnson last ran track like in high school. Bolt would definitely win in a track race no doubt.

  • Chris

    No one is actually going to race. They are probably just joking it around. So just quit bashing Rondo, Johnson or anyone else. They probably don’t mean or were kidding when they said this.

  • AC

    i play d 1 football as a WR, so i actually know how fast a 4.24 forty is. let me tell you there are not that many people on this planet that could beat johnson. Rondo would be lucky to run in the 4.4’s and that wouldn’t even compete wit johnson


    Anyone that would pick rondo over johnson is a complete dumb fuck it is physically impossible to run a 3.9 40 yard dash trust me im a doctor

  • Klakdigital

    CJ all the way…. fastest guy on the grid…ever.
    would be great to watch this as a Superbowl halftime show. Maybe a fund raiser.

  • sean

    yeah but while dribbling the ball
    much different when just sprinting

  • sadasdasd

    Rondo would win. He runs a 3.9 40

  • I got my $ on rondo hes idk how fast johnson is but rondo is quick as shiii

  • DEJ

    Rondo has the light frame and may be good at 40 but stop there, wheras CY may and can take it further but may not have the strength of bolt to take it all the way for 100 metres. So rondo on the 40, CJ anything to 80 and Bolt forever after…