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Antoine “agrees” to pay off gambling debts

RedsArmyAdmin November 30, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Antoine “agrees” to pay off gambling debts

Antoine Walker Like he had a choice or something.

Former NBA star Antoine Walker will
pay more than $12,800 a month to the Clark County district attorney's
bad check program in order to make good on gambling markers totaling
more than $900,000.

the $12,835 monthly payment
represents a minimum. If Walker finds employment, the monthly payment
could increase to $21,391 per month. Also, Walker agreed to forfeit the
$135,000 cash bail he posted after his arrest earlier this year, which
will constitute the first payment to the casinos.

Antoine agreed to this plan like people agree to pay alimony. 

Hey 'Toine… get your act together and get on TV or something, will ya?  You mean to tell me the Walker Wiggle isn't enough to get on Dancing with the Stars? 

Someone make that happen. 

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