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A nod to Perk

RedsArmyAdmin November 30, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on A nod to Perk

Perk funny rebound

I just wanted to take a moment to point out how Kendrick Perkins is doing work right now.  I also wanted an excuse to use that funny chorus-line photo of Perk from last night…. but mainly this is about how he's beasting for the C's.

14 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks last night.  18 points on perfect 8-8 shooting against Toronto.  And maybe among the most under-appreciated, yet fairly important stats:  He's second on the team in free throws attempted.  That means he's being aggressive… he's going at the other team's bigs… and he's putting them in foul trouble. 

On the flip side, he's got his fouls per game average down under 3 (2.76)… after it was up over 3 the past two years (3.33 and 3.10).  One of the knocks on him has obviously been his fouling… but he's noticeably cut down on that (despite continued problems with moving screens)… and that has helped.

So kudos to Perk. We talk about the other 4 starters so much that his play can be overlooked sometimes.  Every so often, we like to take time out to recognize the Beast… and how he's playing the best basketball of his career right now.

Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • Walk

    Happy you made a point to show Perk some love. During last night’s game, one thing jumped out to me about Perk…he is patient with the ball. How many times do we see big men get the ball on the block / perimeter and rush into a bad shot or pass.
    Perk does an excellent job of waiting to people to clear out and then goes into his move. On one possession, he had Wade guarding him on the block and did not rush into his post move with a smaller person guarding him. He waited, even saw the play happening, and Rondo cut down the middle of the paint for a floater. Beautiful assist for Perk.
    So I’m glad Perk is getting a little love…he works his butt off for it.

  • G4L

    I don’t recall ever seeing a players game progress as steady as Perks game has. He’s gotten better each year! Its pretty amazing.
    Rondo and Perk are the future of the C’s.

  • AMP

    Perk is playing so well this year. If his improvement pace keeps and he stays healthy, he’ll be killer!

  • I’m with G4L- Perk’s game has improved in leaps and bounds just from last year. I’m sure Clifford Ray has had alot to do with it as has hard-work. Perk takes alot of flack for his “mean” attitude on the court, but don’t be fooled-he has an excellent knowledge of the game and will only get better and better..

  • Sophomore

    Amen to all these comments. Five or ten times a game I’m shouting how great Perk is – when he cuts off penetration, makes a block, gets himself into position for a pass. Just so solid, and so much better than he used to be. GO PERK!
    Can it be, also, that married life agrees with him? In that case, props to his wife, too.

  • He is a former starter of the Celtics… Back then, he was already a good player. But now, even if he is off the bench he proves that he is Celtics’ best weapon. Good luck KP! Keep up the good work!