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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce could write a book

Kevin and sheed copy

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“He’s an extension of Kevin [Garnett],” Pierce said with a laugh
after Saturday’s practice. “Between the two you hear a lot of stories.
It’s fun. I could write a 400-page book right now.”

Garnett and Wallace are seated next to each other in the Celtics
locker room. So it is only fitting that the title of Pierce’s
hypothetical book would include both of them.

“I’d keep it simple: Kevin and Sheed,” Pierce said, adding, “[The cover would] probably have them two face to face, smiling.”

WEEI: The Book on 'Kevin and Sheed'

We all knew KG and Sheed were buddies… but to hear Paul say he could write a book before even getting to December has piqued my curiosity.  I'm hoping that in exchange for the cover art… Paul throws me a bone with an excerpt. 

And no, Chuck… none of the chapters will detail their showers… so don't ask me anymore.

Alright… enough of the fun… We've got some actual news to tend to because Danny is pissed.

Up next, Page 2: Where Danny Ainge is sick of the excuses

“I don’t buy into those excuses,” Ainge said of the long-term
argument. “The bottom line is that we’re a better team than (how) we’re
playing. We’re just not showing it. We’re playing well some times, and
not well at others. (The players) just need to focus like the coaches

“If we’re not paying attention to that, and we’re thinking that
we’re so good, then we’re in trouble. I see a difference in how we play
when we have our backs to the wall, so you can tell that we have what
we need, but it has to be more than that.”

Herald: Danny Ainge growing impatient

Now we're getting somewhere. 

We now have Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge putting things squarely on the players for the Celtics recent struggles.  So all this talk about the Celtics looking old and slow is wrong.  The Celtics look disinterested. 

That third quarter against the Raptors is exhibit A.  They will try to turn it on and off on command.  Once it worked and they shut Toronto down… they coasted.  The problem is, it works the other way too.  If they turn it on… like they tried to do against the Hawks… and it doesn't work… then they shut it off and say "ahh… screw it, we'll get 'em later"

It goes back to the conversation Chuck and I were having a couple of weeks ago.  At what point do you turn it on every game?  How long can they coast before ramping it up and playing like we know they can? Will they get to a point where they "turn it on" and "it" is not enough… because they've gotten so used to going slow, their idea of "fast" isn't fast enough anymore?

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    It is so early in the season guys, they still have one of the best records in the league and all I hear is complaints. This team does NOT need to blast out of the gates. I feel like this team realizes that, and yes it may be irritating for fans to see them playing without all their passion but what is the real goal here? To play with fire and passion in November and December? Once the all star break rolls around, and they get a nice little break. They are going to come back and really start to kick it in gear. Don’t stress about this team, they are built for the post season and they know it.