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Almost Perfect

RedsArmyAdmin November 29, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Almost Perfect

Kg under the hoop

Hey… remember when Kevin Garnett couldn't hit crap?

Yeah… that's not really the case anymore.  Kevin Garnett shot 11-12 for 24 points in a 92-85 win against the Miami Heat.  Tack on the 6 for 6 from the other night and KG is 17-18 over the past two games.  Not bad.

11-1 run in less than 3 minutes late in the fourth to take 89-83… and they finished it off to leave Miami with a 92-85 win.

Once again, we were treated to further proof that the Celtics don't lose when Rajon Rondo decides to take over games.  Also… we were subjected to further proof that when the Celtics slack off, they could look as bad as anyone in the league (courtesy of Michael Beasley's monster 3rd quarter). 

Once again, the Celtics manage to out-rebound an opponent (35-27) but get dominated on the offensive boards (11-6 Miami).  That's going to kill them.  They can't get doubled up on the offensive boards like that.  They also can't score 12 points in a quarter (the 3rd) and get away with it every night. 

This was one of those games where both teams could make a case for bad officiating… which I guess means it was equally bad on both sides.  That's all you can ask for, I guess.  At least… that's the absolute bare minimum you can ask for. 

Oh… and Sheed got another tech tonight.  That's 7 on the season.

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  • Christopher

    Great to see the game tonight. About yelled myself hoarse, especially after that Sheed technical and I wasn’t even there. Love seeing KG dominate and I liked that at the end the Heat just let it die quietly and not try to postpone their loss.
    Here’s to the C’s keeping it up and go perfect on this away run. I’m in Austin and definitely don’t need to hear it from my friends from San Antonio…

  • G4L

    Perk is playing SOLID basketball! Rondo had a nice stat line too..13 points 11 dimes & only 1 turnover!!
    Sheeds Techs are going to become a problem later on in the year.

  • JD

    KG looked like his old self today
    Perk is a beast, its time people around the league start recognizing him.
    Paul Pierce was consistent as usual, he hasn’t taken a night off all year.
    Ray was pretty horrible offensiely in the 2nd half, but he hit that big 3 and played good D on Wade for most of the game.
    Rondo took over when the team needed him to and was fantastic, he seems to have more energy over the last few games.
    And Bennet Salvator is trying to steal the worst official in the league honor from Joey Crawford.

  • DRJ

    The best news of all is that KG has not looked this good since before his injury. Every aspect of his game, most especially his energy level, seems back, except maybe a couple more inches on his jump. Tonight, KG’s energy was the same in his 35th minute as it was in his first. Awesome.
    The team as a whole was up and down tonight. But if KG’s really back, and if Rondo continues to play like this for real… well, the fat lady must be singing, because it’s gonna be all over for the rest of the league.

  • JD

    And has anybody else noticed Pierce yelling “block party” whenever an opponent goes up for a layup and Perk is in the area? It kind of backfired today, though, cuz Beasley dunked on Perk when Paul said it.

  • Sophomore

    Great job on the whole by the starters, but the second line really is flailing.
    Above all else, Rasheed Wallace has his feet in cement. The reason the Heat got back in the game is that Beasley and Jermaine O’Neal went by him again and again. The contrast with Perk or Garnett’s defense was stunning. When O’Neal tried to drive on Perk he got swallowed up; Wallace just ushered him to the hoop.
    It’s a troubling pattern – we’ve seen the same thing too many times. Is the problem that he can’t move better … or won’t?

  • paul

    That was the major problem in this game…

  • Lex

    I got to believe KG is starting to get his rhythm. I think we can put him at 75% to 80%. I really wasn’t expecting much progress from him. But now it appears that he may recover to 90% or better.

  • Lex

    I need to see more shot blocking activity before I grade him higher than 80%.