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The Week in Review

Chuck - Red's Army November 28, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Week in Review

Lots of drama for Celtics fans this week. It started with the Kevin Garnett buzzer-beater in New York.

KG had to chastise reporters, again, for asking questions about his knee. Danny Ainge went on WEEI and told the world KG isn't hurt, because he wouldn't be allowed to play if he was injured.

AI Speaking of Danny, he got a rise out of all of us by admitting the team brass discussed the possibility of signing Allen Iverson.

I'm sure David Stern was thrilled to hear claims that 13 referees were involved in the Tim Donaghy betting scandal.  The commish must have been pleased with the lack of national media coverage surrounding this report.

How about that Rajon Rondo fadeaway jumper to ice the win against Philly? It put a stop to the critics, at least for a day.

Myth John and I did some charity work by disproving a couple of myths floating around the Celtics: 1) They're getting killed on the boards and 2) They're taking way too many 3 pointers.

What's Thanksgiving without a Top 5 Turkeys in the NBA blog?

And what makes a fake $1 million half-time giveaway prank even better? When the victim is a Lakers fan.

Shooting free-throws is easy, if you follow these simple math equations.

Anyone who witnessed Adam Lambert at the AMAs, can relate to this KG face of the day.

Claudia And last, but not least, is Bolivian professional basketball player Claudia Porras. When she's not draining 3s on the hardwood, she's modeling bikinis in the rain forest.

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