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The Morning Dump… Where ‘Sheed is being ‘Sheed

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

Wallace was whistled for a foul after clashing with Turkoglu, then referee Ed Malloy called the technical.

didn’t use no profanity, I just said, ‘He’s a flopper,’ ’’ Wallace said
after Boston’s 116-113 victory at TD Garden. “And [Malloy] gave me a
tech for that. The league should make that a rule – flopping.

not like I threw my shoulder into him, or it was a hard push, or real
hard contact. Come on, now. Showing on a pick, I’m already there, he
touches me – ‘Ohh,’ he acts like I shot him or something. ‘Ohh.’ That’s
not basketball, man, that’s not defense, that’s garbage, that’s what it

Paul Pierce and coach Doc Rivers also were hit with technicals, following a Pierce dunk early in the fourth quarter that sent the Raptors’ Chris Bosh sprawling.

“It’s watered down, with all that flopping [stuff],’’ Wallace said.

set rules on us to the point where you’re taunting. When Paul dunked it
and then, Paul didn’t say nothing, he just looked at him. Let The
Golden Child do that or one of the NBA [Basketball] Without Borders
kids do that and it’s all fine and dandy.’’

Asked if he was referring to Cleveland’s LeBron James, Wallace said, “Take a guess,’’ acknowledging that he was.

Globe – Wallace Flips Over Flops

Sheed must finally be comfortable in green, because he unleashed the inner Wallace on the media. I love the dig on LeBron, but I'm not quite sure who/what he means by the "without borders kids" comment. Any thoughts?

On page 2, the Raptors get bashed for not responding to the Pierce taunt.

It was a clean move, Pierce throwing down a thunderous dunk, Bosh
writhing on the floor in the fetal position. But Pierce celebrated by
standing over Bosh in a muscle-flexing taunt.

And what tells you much about what ails Toronto’s NBA squad is
that the only people in the gym who didn’t react appropriately were
Bosh’s teammates. The refs got it right, assessing Pierce a technical
foul. Toronto’s coaches, stomping the sideline in outrage, were
suitably fuming. And the Celtics reserves, sensing escalation, bolted
from their bench.

But the rank-and-file Raptors, other than those checking on
Bosh’s condition, watched the whole thing like couch potatoes. No
surprise, then, that they also got beat soundly by a better, tougher
team, 116-103.

“There’s no other way to say it – we just got punked,” said
Antoine Wright, Toronto’s veteran swingman, a rare voice of outrage on
a ho-hum club.

Toronto Star – Raptors Bow Meekly to Celtics

Like I stated in my post game blog, I don't think Pierce knew Bosh was injured when he "flexed." It happened almost immediately after the dunk. But if the Raptors felt disrespected, then they should have done something about it. I'm not advocating a brawl, a few pushes would suffice.

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  • Shawn-cvd

    The Basket Ball without Boarders HAS to be referring to the NBA Cares campaign where Dwight Howard is in Africa playing with some children there. It was shone over and over and over again on the NBA broadband feed. I’ve only seen the DH promo but I’m sure there are others featuring other NBA poster childs (children?).
    Good for Sheed. He’s calling it like he sees it!

  • ClownBaby

    I think the without borders comment just means international players…Turkoglu, Ginobli and Parker are some notable floppers, perhaps learning from notable soccer phenoms in their respective countries.

  • Jon with no H

    I would say he’s referring to the players that go and play for the Bball without Borders teams of which Boozer, Dwight Howard, Bosh, and Al Horford were a part of this year. You can see the players that took part this year and previous years on Most of them, though, aren’t superstars of the league. I doubt Sam Dalembert is getting preferential ref treatment because of his participation. Regardless, I love that he said what he did.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    yeah i originally thought he meant the international players but I think what he is talking about is all the poster childs for the league, dwight howard, chris paul, dwyane wade all those guys. He knows the celtics dont really have any poster child players on there squad, garnett being the closest thing to it and that isnt very close.

  • Mauritz

    Dwight gets t-ed up more than most, and often for stupid things. In general, this whole thing with technicals for showing any kind of emotion is really going to far these days…