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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray is still thinking about gravy

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“Not only do I think about [Iverson], but then you think about our
whole class and all the guys who are just starting to fall off,’’ Allen
said. “Before you know it, it’s a generation past, and everybody is
taking off and headed to greener pastures. For me, these days, this is
like gravy time for me to be able to continue to play and feel good
about it and be strong and my body feels great and to be fresh.’’

Allen said he would be open to a reduced role as he got older, something Iverson refused to do.

I need to do, I’ll do,’’ said Allen, who has started 954 games. “I
think the biggest thing for us as veterans as we get toward the end of
our career is you want to play for a team that’s contending for a
championship. Sometimes if you go to a team contending for a
championship, you are going to have to come off the bench.’’

Globe – Iverson News Leaves Older Celtics Wondering

Just the thought of gravy is enough to make me sick today. Anyone else still bloated? But I digress…

Is Ray Allen the anti-Allen Iverson or what? There's no doubt the chance to play with a contender will trump money during his impending free agency. As for Iverson, speculation is growing that he might take a big money offer to play overseas. If that's the case, I say grab your passport and go.

On page 2, Doc Rivers goes Freudian on us…

“The opponent every night,” Rivers said, “is us.”

Rivers said Tuesday, “I think at times we think we have a switch that
we can just turn on and off. And I think we’re learning right now that
we don’t have that switch.”

Herald – Celtics Must Play Inspired

Doc is 100% correct. But at some point soon the light will go off, and this Celtics team will realize there is no switch and they need to put forth maximum effort for the opening tip til Doc calls off the dogs in the final quarter.

The Celtics square off against the Raptors tonight at 7:30. At this early hour, we have tentative plans for a live game blog. Scratch that…there will not be a live blog. Sorry…

The rest of the links:

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  • Lex

    Sometimes this team is frighteningly good, like when Ray Allen gets it going early, forcing the team to pay extra attention to him, which then opens the offense for everyone else. I’m still a big fan of ray allen.

  • Lex

    The switch thing is interesting. I really get the feeling that the team thinks why waste the energy early if they’re gonna need it at the end.

  • I really hate it when people talk about that “switch”. Is it really reasonable to think an entire team think collectively that there is a switch? and to hear the coach talk about it? Ugh. Doc is the one who needs to be sure the guys are ready. That is his job. If the team is going into the opening tip thinking anything but go for the throat, Doc is not doing his job, end of story.
    This is not a doom and gloom comment. As it stands right now we are 1 game behind for the best record in the league, so we obviously have a lot of our stuff together. Lex you’re right, this team does look scary good sometimes. They have the players and defense in place to destroy every other team on any given night. They don’t need to do so, nor should they, but they certainly should come out every night prepared to.