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Was That Defense I Just Saw?

Chuck - Red's Army November 27, 2009 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Was That Defense I Just Saw?

The Celtics rolled over the Toronto Raptors tonight, 116-103.

On a night we saw the Celtics shoot 62% from the field (41% from three), Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins shoot a combined 14-14, and Paul Pierce throw down a monster dunk over Chris Bosh (video above), I'm going to focus on the defense?

Yup. The Celtics cranked up the defensive intensity in the 3rd quarter (outscoring Toronto 33-17). They turned a 61-57 deficit into an 82-65 lead with a 25-4 run. The game was won during this run. The Celtics forced 25 turnovers and had 15 steals.

Perk played one of his best offensive games. He was 8-8 from the field for 18 points. He was patient with the ball and this allowed him to bust out a variety of moves in the paint. Being guarded by Andrea Bargnani didn't hurt either. 

Pierce (18 points, 5 reb, 7 assists, 2 steals) had a ferocious dunk over Chris Bosh at the start of the fourth quarter. The Truth hit Bosh with a knee in the midsection and it sent the big man down hard.

Pierce got hit with a technical foul for taunting after the dunk. The Toronto coaching staff got all worked up – either because the refs didn't call an offensive foul on Pierce for pushing off with his left arm or they were pissed at Pierce for taunting an injured player. Pierce reacted so quickly, I doubt he was aware Bosh was injured. However, be prepared for some criticism. Here's a tweet from Chris Mannix:

hour in Boston: Pierce, w/C's up 12, beats Rasho to basket and dunks.
On way up knees Bosh in chest. Bosh hurt, Pierce stares at him

Box Score | Recap

"Maybe, just maybe, the Celtics got their swagger back in this game," – Mike Gorman.

More photos from the game… after the jump.





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  • Christopher

    Awesome dunk. I cannot believe that was called as a technical, though. The parallels between the NBA and SEC officiating are staggering.

  • KY Celts fan

    are we talking about SEC as in South Eastern Conference, or Security Exchange Commission?

  • DRJ

    So the refs can interpret a STARE as a taunt?? Out of control they are.

  • Eli

    I was at the game tonight, which obviously gives me a huge credibility!
    Anyway, ball movement was outstanding tonight. Rondo plays awful man-up defense – not that he can’t – but he doesn’t. It’s infuriating.
    Sheed is a beast down low. That is all.
    The Celtics dancers are hoes. They can’t even dance. I expect some formal ballroom dance, or rename them the Celtics Strippers.
    I feel like stella, we got our groove back. Well, let’s wait and see after Sunday – huge game in MIA

  • Christopher

    Haha, touché.

  • Celtics played good offensively all night, played there worst defense in the first half, followed by there best defense of the season in the second half. hopefully they carry that on the road trip.
    Pierces dunk being a technical is a joke, he dunked it hard and was giving the camera a stare (how many times do u see a wade or lebron stop for a minute after a dunk and give a look into the camera)
    But because bosh looked seriously hurt (and he wsnt) it ends up in typical raptor whinging and a tech

  • Ok, but where was the camera? I didn’t see one where he was glaring. It was an inspired dunk, and it probably was worthy of a tech. The rules are pretty clear that you can’t show up another player like that.
    That said, if I could do that to Bosh, i’d probably stare, glare, point at, laugh at, and maybe do a little jig while he was pulling his balls back out.

  • Did any of the C’s look tired in the third? I don’t think so. The defense was awesome. Maybe it was coincidental, but I say no, funny how the Raps couldn’t hit their shots anymore once the pressure was on. Even the open looks they got in the third clanged out. Great defense will do that to you. Take you way out of your comfort zone, even when you break free.
    I believe great teams, championship teams own the third quarter. Last night the Celtics owned the third quarter.

  • Fair enough, if Pierce was taunting what looked to be an injured Bosh…he deserved the tech…I dont think he was intentionally taunting bosh, but more like patting himself on the back for what was probably his best dunk in years

  • zippittyay

    Bosh was whining pre game about how he’s not mentioned in the same breath as LeBron and Wade and how unjust that is…. Thank You Paul Pierce for showing the world why….

  • Lee in Oregon

    HE KICKED HIM RIGHT IN THE BALLS AND THEN THREW DOWN! One of the greateat dunks of all time cause A) it was on the tool Bosh and b) HE KICKED HIM RIGHT IN THE BALLS!!!!!!!