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The Big 3 Things of the Week

RedsArmyAdmin November 27, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Big 3 Things of the Week

week, we look at the Big Three things happening in Celtics-land, good and bad, and we rank them… Because you need something to do before diving into those Thanksgiving leftovers.

On the way up

Wild turkey
1: Wild Turkey
– Bill Walton celebrates the same way we want to forget things. 

2: Leave the thinking to Rodin – Rondo just reacts, drains a clutch shot, and gives us hope that he'll shoot with confidence.  Let me cling to it for a little while, ok?

3: You got punk'd –
Ohhh… the poor Lakers fan… embarrassed in front of a capacity crowd and now the whole internet.  It's a thing of beauty.

On the way down

3: Lord they were born gamblin men – Repeat after David Stern: "Tim Donaghy acted alone… Tim Donaghy acted alone… Tim Donaghy acted alone…."  Now… stop dreaming.

Iverson celtics 2: "Sheed for three… no" -  How many times has Mike Gorman said that this year?  Too many, really.  Numbers don't lie, Sheed.

1: The Wrong Answer – Thanks, Danny, for giving the rest of the world a reason to think Iverson is going to play here.  Why not come over and kick my dog while you're at it?

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