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Lakers fan gets pranked at Jazz game

This is a video from the halftime entertainment in last night's Bulls-Jazz game.  If you believe what was said in the video comments, this is a Lakers fan whose brother is a Jazz season ticket holder… and who set this whole thing up.

Mr. Lakers fan gets blindfolded and is told if he sinks the halfcourt shot, he gets a million bucks.  What he doesn't know is the crowd has been told to cheer no matter what happens… because this is all a prank.

Watch as he makes a total ass of himself and trash talks Reggie Miller… and then has to go make up for it later.

And if you think you've seen this prank before… you have… on College Humor.  But it's just as funny…. and it couldn't happen to a better fan.

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  • Spiraea

    Loathe Reggie Miller but awesome prank