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The Top 5 Turkeys of the NBA Season

It's Thanksgiving and that means it's time for unoriginal columns/blogs like this one.

5. Nate RobinsonAside from their lack of defense, Nate's three-point heave at the other team's basket perfectly captures the dysfunction that is the Knicks.

Jc 4. Joey CrawfordThis notorious referee made this list the night he slapped Doc Rivers and Kendrick Perkins with technical fouls for non-verbal gestures during the 4th quarter of a close game with Indy. I can't tell you how much I want Crawford to be linked in this betting scandal.

3. New Jersey NetsFour weeks into the season and the Nets have zero wins. 0-15. Guess I can't blame co-owner Jay-Z for attending more Knicks and Lakers games than Nets games this season.

Bbd 2. Glen "Big Baby" DavisIt pains me to include a Celtic on this list, but how can I overlook Baby's stupidity? Being called a turkey is kind considering he fractured his thumb during a 4 am fist-fight with a childhood buddy and missed 6 weeks of the season.

And the top turkey is…


1. Allen IversonThe future HOFer could find no-takers in the off-season, and then after the Grizzlies stepped up and dropped a $3 million contract in his lap, he bailed on them just 3 games into the season. He refuses to accept a back-up role even though it might net him a title with a contending team. Iverson epitomizes selfishness.

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  • Rj

    Honestly, i would have bet a date with Megan Fox that Ron Artest would have been number one. Throwing a Rockets player’s shoe into the crowd and then showing up on Jimmy Kimmel in his boxers. Oh, and that whole having dinner with random families he meets on Twitter.
    Aside from that though…Iverson
    I’m not going to call him selfish for bailing on the Grizzlies. The guy has been “the man” everywhere he’s been and he [and you] knows he can still play at an above average level on an NBA team. His current situation seems more like bad free agency choices coupled with GMs being afraid they won’t be able to control him.
    As for walking away from a title with a contender, you have to look at it through his eyes. He’s a HOF’er, mvp, scoring champ etc. This guy has been at the top of the game. So while winning a ring, to fans, seems like the most important thing, realize a ring won in that situation wouldn’t mean the same to him. The same reason the best in the game with the most pride retire at the top rather than fade into obscurity, which is a sad sight. Would you really want to see MJ come off the bench, or KG?
    People that succeed at the highest level in sports have something the rest of us don’t, talent. In addition to that talent they have a lot of drive too, more than any of us know. Talent alone can get you to the NBA but it doesn’t make you sports legend. To be the best you must have a lot of pride, so much pride that you work and try harder than the other 99% to be better. You can’t ask someone that has been doing that for 18 years to just turn it off and be a backup.
    And i’m not even an Iverson fan. I’m a KG fan since 97′, and everything he stands for. Iverson pretty much showed his worth ethic and practice is lax with that whole speech about “practice.” I still respect him though and his heart… no one can doubt that.

  • frankde33

    Nice try to justify AI actions…he should play golf or tennis since he wants no part of being a ‘Team Player’ talent he has…. character, he does not.