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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed wants to end things early tonight

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morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

If you look at young clubs, that’s
how they are. If you keep them around at the end, they can go on a
spurt. But if you put your foot down and keep your foot down throughout
that game, they’ll get discombobulated and start running plays out of
the ordinary and doing things out of the ordinary.

one thing that we try to tell ourselves, going into the fourth quarter,
or second half, look, we can’t keep these cats around. Because once we
do, or if we do, you never know how it’s going to go. Someone can hit a
lucky shot or two, they could get some calls from the refs to sway the
momentum of the game, so you’ve definitely got to keep your foot down.’’

Globe – Celtics weary of underdogs

Oh… it's so nice to hear a player say the right things.  But it's another to actually see a team do what they say.  The "put the foot down" thing has been the hardest thing for the Celtics to do lately.  We thought they had the Knicks put to bed when they went up 14 in the 3rd quarter.  But whether it's age or complacency, the Celtics couldn't put their foot down.

It would be nice tonight to get a new picture of KG and Sheed laughing at Gino tonight.  It would be nice to have the Celtics build up a double-digit lead and then put another double-digit number on top of it.  But who's got the confidence in that right now?

Maybe Doc needs to take a closer look at his substitution pattern.  Maybe he needs to stop playing either Paul or Ray an entire first quarter before sitting.  I'd rather keep Rondo out there for the entire 12 minutes.  You'll probably have a lineup of Rondo, Marquis Daniels, Eddie House, Rasheed Wallace and Shelden Williams for a few minutes… but that's not so bad.  You've got Rondo, a shooter, a slasher, a post player and a wild card in Sheed.  I'm OK with that lineup for the last 3 or 4 minutes of the first.

It's just a thought.  With older legs out there at the end, it might be worth looking into how they're being used early.

Up next, Page 2… Where Perk is flashing a little offense

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

"I think what people are missing with Perk is not only is he scoring
down there, but he's passing down there," said Rivers. "He's a helluva
passer. He's hitting open guys. That's maturity."

Said Perkins: "I knew I could pass. I know how to play basketball.
I've been learning to pass through the NBA sets. In the NBA, sometimes
a guy may look open, but he's really not open. It's something you've
got to work on and practice, knowing when to make the right pass and
not pass."

MetroWest Daily News: Perkins' attack no longer offensive

I feel like earlier in the season, we were running things through Perk a little more than we have lately.  This is purely my perception, but I feel like in the first few games the offense ran through the post, the Celtics got some good clean looks from 15 feet-in… and then that softened things up for the 3.  Now I think the offense works around the perimeter with the post guys setting high screens.

I'd like to make going to Perk in the post early in games a more consistent thing.  Maybe sometimes he'll force the issue a little too much… but I'm willing to take that if it will lead to perimeter defenders taking another half-step away from our shooters.  That could be the difference between misses and makes from deep.

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  • So apparently the cs have considered signing Iverson
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  • not gonna happen.

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