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“KG wouldn’t be playing… if he was hurt”

Kg grimace

“His surgery has healed, but he’s had discomfort in his shins,’’
said Ainge, who holds weekly meetings with Garnett and team physician
Dr. Brian McKeon. “KG wouldn’t be playing right now if he wasn’t
“And he wouldn’t be playing if he was hurt.’’

The lack of explosiveness in Garnett’s game is apparent to all involved.

“I’ve seen explosiveness there, and also a lack of explosiveness,
and we’ll keep evaluating him,’’ said Ainge. “Dr. McKeon watches him,
our trainer (Ed Lacerte) watches him, and I think we all know what
we’re dealing with.’’

Herald – Ainge: KG making progress despite warning signs

I know everyone harps on the knee… and maybe I'm naive here… but I believe them when they say that's not where KG's having problems.  I know I've said it before… but everything points to other issues:  the tape job, that compression sleeve on his shin, the lack of any sort of knee apparatus.

I'll repeat myself in an effort to calm the masses:  When you're in your 30's, and you've logged 40,000 minutes, you don't just come back from an extended period of down time and play like you always used to.  It's like parking a classic car in the driveway for months.  It ran forever because you properly maintained it and drove it around town.  But if you leave it alone for months without moving… you can't just start it up and expect the same performance.  It's going to take time and effort to get that thing moving the right way again.

In the meantime, KG is doing alright for us.  He's not "KG" yet… but he's progressing.  I know Bob Ryan would like you to believe he's average… but that's just not the case.  And when you think about all that stuff I just mentioned… the minutes, the miles, the layoff… to have KG start out at "above average" is really a testament to how great he really is.

Patience, people… patience.

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  • Lex

    Thanks for the link.
    Re last night’s game, the number of teams that shoot well against us from the perimeter is a concern. On a positive note, if you go back to the first 10 or so games of 07-08, we weren’t as totally dominant as some of us (me) remember. We had many more up and down quarters than you might believe. Sure, we had some blowouts. But there were other games where we played well to start, then stunk.
    So really the bottom line is a W.
    11-4 is pretty good.
    Come playoff time, its just gonna be one close series after another any way. Thus it must be hard to get up for and play your best for 4 quarters now.

  • Lex

    Wow. I should have posted that on my site. 🙂