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Some Extremely Early Playoff Predictions

Chuck - Red's Army November 25, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Some Extremely Early Playoff Predictions

Four weeks into the season, ESPN's Tim Legler offers up his playoff predictions. Here's the top four seeds.

1. Boston Celtics:
Still the best team in the East. They have the best defensive team,
even with guys currently banged up. They know how to win in the most
consistent way, which is to defend, rebound and spread it out on
offense. Still the class of the East.

2. Orlando Magic:
To me the Magic have the deepest offensive team in the East. They have
more guys who you can run a play for and have success in the East. The
guys they got in the offseason give them depth. Jason Williams, Brandon Bass, Matt Barnes, Ryan Anderson and Vince Carter give them a lot more depth than they had a year ago.

3. Atlanta Hawks:
This team has grown up together. They've had four of their top six guys
together since 2005 and have created some great chemistry. They are a
much smarter team than they were. They have a star go-to player in Joe Johnson
who can control the game offensively in the fourth quarter. This team
can rebound with anybody. If you can do that, have a star and great
chemistry, it explains why they are 11-3.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers:
They are a team that is playing well now but relies too much on one
player to win. They don't look to me like they learned the lesson
taught last season by Orlando — you have to have more diversity in the
offense. This team has very predictable play sets. On most nights,
they've struggled against good defensive teams.

First of all, I've always liked Tim Legler. And not just because he's the one national analyst who hasn't jumped off the Celtics bandwagon.

He doesn't think much of Cleveland, but how can you argue with his analysis?

After the jump, my favorite member of the Black Eyed Peas at a recent Lakers game.


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