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Danny freaks out Celtics Nation

Iverson Celtics

“We have had internal discussions about (Iverson),” Ainge said
yesterday, “but a decision like this has to be unanimous, and it

Among the questions surrounding Iverson are cost (not a problem
after he was willing to go to the Grizzlies for $3.1 million), how much
he could help a club and whether, in the case of a good team like the
Celts, he’d be willing to come off the bench.

“Those are all things to be considered, but we never got to the
point where we discussed them with Allen or his agent,” Ainge said.

…. “He’s someone I would definitely consider if I felt we had a need,”
Ainge said. “But I like the team we have now, and we don’t have that

Herald: No big plans for Allen Iverson, yet

I wonder if Danny Ainge gave Wyc Grousbeck a little elbow and said “watch this” before making those comments.

I know what Danny said in the paper this morning is going to inspire a lot of people to write the “why we don’t need Allen Iverson” type stuff… but can we all just accept that it’s not going to happen and move on?  The entire notion is silly. 

Sometimes I think Danny and Doc say thing like this just to get riled up so they can have a laugh at our expense throughout the day.

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  • Joe A

    That’s a depressing sight, seeing Iverson wearing DJ’s number.

  • FSantos33

    In today’s NBA climate nothing really surprises me anymore. What’s the big deal? I am sure many other teams had discussions about A.I. It’s part of business. A.I. has clearly shown the world he wants no part of coming off the bench (Ask the Pistons and Grizzles) Maybe Ainge is playing games trying to light a fire in Rondo.

  • Id rather the team miss the playoffs then sign Iverson
    Nuff said

  • Kelby

    Big I plays with alot more heart than most players around the league. And he more talent than 95 percent of the league the guy deserves a job somewhere

  • Kobe


  • Evan


  • J

    The Celtics would be crazy to pass up IVERSON! He would fit in so great with KG and Pierce.
    Surely, AI would not mind coming off the bench for a GOOD TEAM. Pistons and Grizzlies were NOT!
    IVERSON still has alot of help to give and he creates energy and determination.

  • Mike

    I Love the Celtics with or without Iverson but man if everybody looked at it like this not only does AI have talent but he would more than likely retire after he won a championship anyways so i would have to say i would love if the Celtics picked up Iverson they are in a win win situation I would go ahead and pick him up I think he would rather take a spot on the bench for a championship and the money than him not playing at all dam could you imagine the team that would be Garnett,Pierce,Allen,Rondo,Wallace,Perkins,Davis and if they picked AI up man the NBA wouldnt have a chance i dont care what anybody says if the CELTICS had that team THE LAKERS wouldnt stand a chance come on when the Celtics won it who did they beat oh yeah the sorry ass LAKERS hell even without him they still would win does everybody really think that Artest is not going to get in trouble yeah he is an all right player but not as good as AI or Allen or Pierce.

  • MAnny paquiao

    taang inang yan!!!!! sa Ginebra ka na lang iverson !

  • Jordan Kramate

    But you are forgetting one thing: Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Wallace (thats 4 of the 7 ppl you mentioned) are age 30 or more. So they all are getting ready to retire. This mean they would not be able to keep up with the much youger lakers.

  • Francisco Gomes

    Come on I want another championship too. As the man would you be happy coming off the bench? He has talent, a fears competitor, come playoff time we need his scoring. Look in his eyes and ask the man what can it hurt.

  • J

    IVERSON and PIERCE together could be lethal!
    The Celtics should not let IVERSON slip away to another team!
    AI has extreme hunger for a championship and he is always good for 25 pts per game.

  • Amboy68

    Who is Rondo, Perkins and Davis? Remember the Lakers when they have Bryant, Oneil, Malone and Peyton? Everybody said just give the crown to the Lakers, coz nobody can beat them, and what happened? So calm down Mike, let’s be realistic and see what
    happens comes May. I am a Lakers fan, but
    I don’t need to trash other teams, I love
    good basketball and welcome competition.

  • Bill B

    Yeah-any real hoop person -would say take Iverson-in Beantown-he would show the haters-that he still has it-lets be for real-he is not Stephon-STUPIDBURY!!!!!!-HE IS-AI!dANNY YOU NEED TO DO IT CAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO-THE GUYS ON THAT SQUAD-WOULD TAKE-AI.-IN-IT WOULD BE A WRAP!!!!!

  • Jam

    It won’t happen. Iverson is losing it.

  • david

    celtics won most of their titles when there was only 8 teams in the nba, so stop bagging on the lakers, we are the most successfull team in nba history, if we would have had wilt chamberlin for the whole 60s era jerry west and elgin baylor would have piled up nba titles not red and his stacked celtics, you would have maybe won 4,so stop bragging celtic fans, the 2009 celtics good luck getting to the finals,because if you get there,the lakers remember 2008, and they will whoop the celtics ass,hope to see ya celtics in 2010 finals

  • celticpal

    C’mon, man. You put down the Celtics for winning most of their titles when there were only 8 teams (actually, the average number of teams when they won in their first 11 tites was 9.4) in the NBA. True, they won 11 of their record 17 titles when there were fewer teams, but the Lakers were among those teams that always lost to the Celtics. And then you say, had the Lakers had Chamberlain during the 60s, they would have won those championships – the same titles the Celtics won that you try to discredit? And please don’t forget, the Lakers had Wilt, Elgin and West in 1969 and despite having home court advantage, they still lost the title to an old, old Celtics team. At least the Celtics won those titles during the golden age of the NBA and during the shot-clock era. The Lakers meanwhile, are proud that they have 15 titles, not ever mentioning that they won their first 5 titles when they were still in Minneapolis against an average of 11.6 teams, and those came during the pre-shot clock era.