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Your Morning Dump… Where KG really doesn’t want to answer knee questions

"I'm not answering any more knee questions, they're getting old,"
Garnett said when asked about rumors that he received extra treatment
on his knee following the team's victory Sunday at Madison Square
Garden. "You all know what I'm dealing with here. No one
in this league, at this point, even though we're only 14 game in, is
100%. I got worked on even when I didn't have surgery . . . "

Garnett was then asked a follow-up: "And in (Sunday's) game, it felt as good as it did all year?"

"Next question," Garnett said. After a brief pause, he ended the interview.

"K, cool. We're done. You guys take it easy."

CSNNE: KG mum on status of his knee

I saw this quote out there a lot last night… and you might have too in your cyber-travels… so I figured it's worth headlining this with the video so you can see the tone KG takes.  The quoted part comes right at thend.  He's frustrated, but he's almost laughing about it

For now.

Let's see how many people keep getting brave about asking him about the knee.

Up next, Page 2: Where Big Baby is getting closer, but he'll have a fight on his hands

“I’ve been writing a lot with my
left hand, trying to get control and things like that,’’ he said.
“Eating with my left hand. Doing a lot of things. ’’

While Davis was talking to reporters, Rivers passed by and commented that Davis hadn’t “done anything in a month.’’

been trying to stay consistent as far as keep burning [off weight],’’
he said. “I am just trying to get a good sweat every day. Once I get my
cast off, I will go even harder and try to get back into game shape.’’

game shape for a big man is a difficult accomplishment after a month of
basketball inactivity. It could take weeks for Davis to log extended

“I’ll have some
time to do things because I don’t think they are going to put me in the
rotation that fast,’’ said Davis, who averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds
in 76 games last season. “While I am sitting around waiting for my
turn, I am going to make sure I get in shape when my opportunity

Globe: Davis closer to returning to the court

“He’s just got to fight his way back and get his minutes and continue
to be a team player and do the team stuff,” said Rivers of Davis, whose
last fight (a wee-hour battle with a friend) led to the injury. “When
he does that he’s a good player. When he gets outside of his role, he
struggles. Glen just adds more talent to our team when he comes. It’s
another talented big, and I’d rather have five of them than four of

As for how Davis will fit in, Rivers said, “We’ll see. He could help
us clearly, but Shelden (Williams) is doing what he does. So it’s a
competition. Glen has to come back and win that job.

“Shelden’s a better rebounder. They’re probably equal shooters. I
think Baby’s ahead of him defensively, because he knows all the
rotations and stuff. I think it’s good. There’ll be good competition
when Baby comes back.

Herald:  Glen Davis to fight for minutes

Considering the way the Celtics have looked recently, it'll be nice have a guy with Baby's energy out there to maybe make a few things happen when the rest of the squad is struggling.

And yes, he'll have to fight for some minutes… but he's got a role that's different than Shelden's.  He'll get in there sooner than Doc says because Doc won't be able to help himself.  He knows Glen, he trusts him a little more than he does Shelden, and he'll go to him sooner, rather than later.

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  • FSantos33

    There is an old Chinese saying “I know what kind of drawing this is, you don’t have to draw out the intestates for me to understand”. This sounds funny in English but you know what I mean.
    Celts desperately need BBD’s energy and minutes to sub for KG. He is definitely not even close to being 100%. Even though KG hit the game winner but defensively he is a liability out there. Hope his knee will get better so we can enjoy the real KG. Right now it’s hard to watch.
    I am not blaming any one player. Every player is accountable for the recent slump. Go down the list: Rondo (Refusing to shoot/FT/Contract Butterflies), Ray (Shooting slump), Sheed (Mr. 5% from 3’s), KG not able to be KG and everyone else aren’t playing up to par either. Lots of issues

  • John Romansic

    “I am just trying to get a good sweat every day. Once I get my cast off, I will go even harder and try to get back into game shape.’’ What? Davis better get it in gear NOW. He should be using this time to go all out to lose weight, not sitting around and letting himself get out of game shape. Especially considering the dubious circumstances surrounding his injury. You can run, ride an exercise bike, etc. in a cast. You just can’t handle the ball or absorb contact. He should be getting in better overall shape, not worse. I am starting to lose respect for him as a competitor. Sounds like Doc might be also.

  • aaron

    what a joke. how much does this idiot make?