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Rondo: Still thinking, not reacting

Rondo shootingForget all this talk about Rajon Rondo's shooting form.  You know what his biggest problem is when it comes time to shoot? 

He doesn't want to.  

Ok, maybe that's an over simplification… but it's a big part of the problem.

Look around the NBA… you'll see guys who horrible shooting form splashing J's from everywhere.  Why?  They figured something out, they stuck to it, and they take their shots like it's going in every time.  They're relaxed.  They're fluid… even if it's ugly.

Look at Rashard Lewis.  He's got an ugly looking shot.  It's a terrible release. But if you leave him alone he'll murder you.

So yeah… Rajon Rondo needs to figure out some things about his elbow and how the ball sits in his hand.  But more than anything… Rondo needs to take a few games early in the season, and just react to the defense when it backs off by shooting with some confidence.

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  • Eli

    YES THANK YOU. forget the form, just stick with something and shoot until your confident in it. Rondo is never going to be a shooter. He’s a pass-first, speed-centric guard with so much unique ability that it doesn’t matter. He just needs the confidence to drain open shots so his defender can’t back off and clog the passing lanes. That has been a huge problem for us.

  • rcry

    We seriously need to just dedicate a month’s worth of games where the gameplan is revolved around improving Rondo’s jumper. The current 2-3 jumpers per game is hardly enough to get him comfortable with the idea of shooting.

  • I agree for the most part, he does need to look to shoot more, period…thats the only way it will get better, as we saw with glen davis last season.
    But hes a pass first player, only problem is, noone playing with him finishes strong on the break, and there movement off the ball has been really really sad, leading to the fact that rondo has to know when to shoot, and look for his own offense….seems without KG he did do that, now that hes back hes deferring too much again, and KG really hasnt been any better then Big baby davis was 6 months ago

  • what happened to his improved form? it still looks as ugly as ever

  • Rondos statline against new york of 14 pts, 9 boards, 10 assists, and 4 steals with only 2 turnovers( 1 less then the rest of the starters)
    Its hard to imagine complaining after a performance like that, but the way the rest of the team is playing, he needs to look to shoot and score more…rather simple….
    Heres a nice article on realGM i read, about rondo and the need for him to be the teams best player right now every night