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More Tony Allen, More Marquis Daniels

The Globe's Gary Washburn has a couple of practice notes:

Tony Allen said he is shooting to return to action during the
Celtics' four-game road trip to Miami, Charlotte, San Antonio and
Oklahoma City. He is practicing consistently on his surgically repaired
right ankle but said he wants more work.

Coach Doc Rivers said he wants Marquis Daniels to handle the ball
more as the backup point guard. Eddie House has been doing the majority
of the ball-handling but Rivers wants the two to reverse roles and
Daniels to play more

So we might see Tony Allen on the court Sunday against the Heat. Oh joy! As for Marquis getting his hands on the ball more, I'm all for it.

Meanwhile, Doc is cautious about Wednesday night's game against Philly because of the Celtics 31-point victory earlier this season.

“Really, the second unit handled them well,” Rivers said of the Nov.
3 result in a post-practice interview Tuesday. “Our first unit really
struggled and our second unit bailed us out. We got off to another slow
start in that game. With a bunch of athletes you’re paying with fire
when you get off to a slow start with athletes and they catch fire then
you’re in trouble. We avoided the last time there, so we have to play

Said Celtics captain Paul Pierce: “They’re (the Sixers) playing
better, Elton Brand is really picking up his play. They have a number
of weapons, they‘ve been a playoff team the last couple years. You’ve
got to figure they are going to start playing better basketball.”

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  • yes tony’s back, no more frustrating play from the C’s this year… oh wait

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing T.A. back out on the floor for ball-pressure. He is a quick defender and can keep up w/most anyone. However, I do still get nervous when he has the ball in his hands during critical game situations. We’ll see. I’ll go invite another bunch of my FB friends to join the RedsArmy page over there. I think out of my 10 friends, 3 haven’t been invited

  • Chuck you’ve got it all wrong… facebook is where I stalk my future girlfriends.

  • The Warriors won a game tonight, playing just 6 people. JUST 6 PEOPLE the entire game.

  • FSantos33

    Evil Nelson wasn’t there… they could have won with 4 players.
    You know I wouldn’t mind seeing TA getting some playing time. He can shake things up with his defense and couple of ally hoops from Rondo to fire everyone up. Sad thing is TA is probably most athletic on the team. Nice to see someone can actually jump on the team.

  • JD

    Rondo cannot jump? A couple of his dunks would beg to differ…

  • FSantos33

    Don’t get me wrong JD Rondo can jump… I meant overall athletic wing guys that can slam it home on a fast break or on an alley hoop.

  • I think Rondo can jump but he can’t do it all game long. For me he’s is more quicker than high leaper.