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Your Morning Dump… Where KG just isn’t KG

Kg game winner

David Lee
was in another time zone when Pierce made his pass to Garnett. And how
did the hero celebrate, after screaming in the general direction of
Spike Lee?

By getting his knee worked on for a good 40 minutes after the game.
During that time on the training table, he read his text messages. As
the Celtics emerged from the privacy of the back room, the other
members of the Big Three talked about Garnett's physical condition.

"Obviously, he's still building off some of the things he wants to
do and getting a lot of his strength back," Pierce said. "But you've
got to ask him how he feels. He's getting stronger and getting better,
every day and every week."

Next out was Ray Allen.

"I try not to judge him," Allen said. "As long as he's out there and feels good about his body, we love him out there."

NY Daily News: Thrilling win for Celtics over NY still a pain for Kevin Garnett

I usually watch games with Twitter open so I can make my snide remarks about plays and then see what all the other bloggers out there are saying as they watch too.  And yesterday, I saw comment after comment about how the Celtics look old and tired… and how Garnett just didn't look the same.

I'm still on the fence about whether the Celtics' inconsistent effort is age or boredom related.  But I will agree that KG isn't himself.  Doc has said it will take a while for KG to get back to 100%… whatever 100% is now.  I do know I don't like what I see in the meantime.  Watching KG struggle out there with Al Harrington on both ends of the floor just hits me in the pit of my stomach.  I wonder if his lost step will ever come back.

For the record, I still don't think last year's knee problem is lingering.  I think this is a combination of other things.  I look at that tape job going up the back of his leg and it looks like they're trying to keep his calf loose.  We know earlier in the year there was talk about his shin.  And when you've got 40,000 minutes on those legs, it's hard to come back from an extended absence without something else going wrong.

Up next, Page 2, featuring Eddy Curry slap chopping Rajon Rondo

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

"I felt like he was holding me, but I can't let frustration get to me,"
Curry said. "It was [the] heat of the moment. I can't let emotions get
the best of me. It was just stupid."

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  • I know KG hit the game winner, but im gonna go ahead and actually credit pierce for that perfect set up, and the trust in his teammate who played arguably the worst game of his career.
    Is the starting unit playing better then it was 6 months ago with Glen Davis starting? No
    KG is awful, dreadful, terrible right now
    He cant defend or score in the post, he cant draw a double team anymore, his lateral defense is questionable, hes not rebounding like he used to, his “pet shot” is the worst shot in basketball, hes hanging his head low and sulking on the bench like a baby
    Again, yes he hit a game winner, and of course had to cuss and pound his chest about it, and i didnt see his teammates surrounding him excited for him like they do whenevr someone else on the team hits one
    the bottom line is KGS act is getting old, and for all the homers out there who want to blame anything on rondo need to wake up and realize hes the only one who significantly improved from the CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, how could it possibly be his fault? wake up and smell the coffee, KG is playing awful and Ray is getting paid 18 mil to not be able to defend a chair, and brick shots

  • “KG is awful, dreadful, terrible right now”
    Ruins – I think you are going a bit overboard, make that way overboard.

  • And Curry should be suspended. What a punk move. Don’t you love how he took his frustration out on the smallest guy around, and not Perk, the guy who allegedly fouled him?

  • WC

    Barely beating The Knicks?
    The Knicks?