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It’s time to preserve Ray Allen

Ray jumper Take a quick look at that picture of Ray Allen.  Anything jump out at you?

The first thing I see is that strap around his knee.  He's been wearing it for the past few games.  And I don't like it one bit.

That strap serves one purpose:  To alleviate patellar tendinitis.  It's also known as jumper's knee.  It's an overuse injury.

Now… this in itself is not really a big deal.  Just about every player has dealt with jumper's knee.  That strap, some ice, maybe some Advil, and a little rest when he can get it should keep it in check.

There's that word again.  Rest.

I know I've been harping on Ray's minutes since the beginning of the season.  But that knee strap to me looks like the first domino starting to wobble.  I know what'll happen if we don't catch it now. 

Ray's averaging 35.2 minutes a game right now.  It's one minute less than last year's average.  Just one.  His field goal percentage is down from 48% last year to 46.7% so far this year..  His 3 point shooting percentage is currently, at 30.4%, the lowest it's ever been. 

Yes, it is early in the season and the numbers now tend to be a bit skewed because of the smaller sample size.  But they still show Ray is struggling.  And he has to work harder than ever to get the shots he's getting.  He's running off of 3 screens to get open.  He's driving more and taking more contact.  It all adds up.

The Celtics need Ray Allen to be at least average. If he was average last night, the Celtics would have won in regulation and everyone would have been spared extra minutes.  And who knows what would have happened if he had been average against Orlando. 

Yeah, it's just a knee strap.  But when you're 34 with 35,500 minutes already on the odometer and you're being asked to go all out in Tom Thibodeau's defensive system… that knee strap means a little more. 

It's like a little piece of duct tape to hold a little something in place.  Right now, it's nothing.  But before you know it, you're using a whole roll of that stuff just to get the thing moving.  The Celtics have Eddie House and Marquis Daniels on the bench for a reason.  Use them to give these guys a few extra minutes of rest before that option is taken away from you.

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  • Wait, Ray Allen hasnt been playing well? i didnt realize anyone other then rondo ever played badly..
    Wait, we’re playing Ray Allen 18 mil to not be able to defend a chair or hit a 3?
    all joking aside, i agree with the post…more marquis, less ray please

  • WC

    Ray Allen’s new nickname…….”The Option”.

  • thanks…
    I would like to just point out that the $18 million was part of his last contract. It’s not like we agreed to pay him $18 mil. this offseason and this is what we’re getting.
    Just something I think is important when you go down the “we’re paying him this much for that” road.

  • G4L

    What the C’s need to do is draw up some more plays for him. Some pick and pops or let him bring up the ball one or two times when Eddie House is in the game.

  • Green8Teen

    Have you watched him try to handle the ball? He turns it over every time it seems. I think he just needs to keep shooting. That’s really all his game has been as a Celtic, and if he can’t do it well anymore, then more time for eddie and marquis. i have no reason to believe he’s done yet. His efficiency the last 2 years has been great. Hopefully, it’s just a slump, which he’s been known to get into once in a while (’08 playoffs come to mind).

  • G4L

    You said it yourself his game as a celtic has been shooting.. But Ray has brought up the ball in his career before.. I mean this is a guy that was used to having the ball in his hands some 40% of the time. Plus all I’m saying is let him take it up once or twice a game. Or you could have House bring it up & he has worse handle than Ray.
    Ray Allen is seen as a straight up shooter & for obvious reason.. but he has a nack of getting to basket (something that I was surprised by when he became a celtic) so I say let him do his thing for two plays a game.