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Better Over the Backboard Shot: Rondo or Kobe?

Kobe's lapdogs The media is drooling over the latest Kobe Bryant feat – a shot from behind the backboard last night against the Thunder.

With much less fanfare, Rajon Rondo hit a similar shot a few weeks back against the 76ers.

I ask you…

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  • WC

    Gee, I wonder who will “win” this poll. On a Celtics blog.
    I agree that the salivating over the shot is a bit much, but Kobe’s is pretty obviously the tougher shot. Rondo’s was at much less of an angle, and only went overt the corner of the backboard. Not the entire thing, as Kobe’s did.
    What does this all mean? Nothing at all.

  • DRJ

    Both hard. Rondo’s was a bit farther away, Kobe was more off-balance. Can’t pick a winner, and couldn’t care less.

  • Kobe higher degree of difficulty and got bumped on the shot. Rondo with a hand in his face at the buzzer. Its a toss up

  • Joseph

    Kobe’s was harder because he was fouled and pushed off balance.

  • I guess I have to go with Kobe because apparently he had a MIRACULOUS first quarter…

  • Danno

    Rondo’s was harder because he can’t shoot for shit from in front of the backboard.

  • One of the best comments. Ever. lmfao.

  • Joey

    Danno makes a good point. Kobe’s was definitely harder since he was completely behind the backboard, but considering that Kobe is a great shooter and Rondo sucks at shooting, it’s a tough decision. I still have to say Kobe’s is better because I’ve made that same shot as Rondo a lot, but it’s nearly impossible to make the shot Kobe made. If Rondo can learn to shoot and Garnett can play more in the post the Celtics offense would be much stronger.

  • Cam

    If Kobe’s was completely behind the backboard shouldn’t it have not counted? Wasn’t this talked about after Rondon’ shot when compared with Birds back in the day (which was disallowed). I think Rondo’s was tougher mainly because it was at the buzzer and was falling away. Oh and plus I hate Kobe Bryant

  • Uncle Leo

    Kobe’s shot shouldn’t have counted, he really spooked the ref who didn’t give him the foul and the poor guy probably shit his pants and forgot the rules about that kind of shot.
    As said before, the only reason rondo’s shot is considered hard is because…well its rondo.

  • WC

    The rule regarding the “behind the backboard shots” was changed this season. Shots like that count.
    But still only 2 points, so Rondo can try that tired ball fake from wherever he wants before missing the shot.

  • I don’t know where you get your information. Here’s a quote from NBA VP of Referee Operations explaining why Rondo’s was good: “Think of the basketball backboard as a long tunnel that goes straight back,” Borgia said. “If the ball goes through that tunnel, it’s a violation. If you looked at Rondo’s shot, it was an arching shot up and over the backboard. It never passes through the tunnel.”
    Rondo’s shot occurred this season which would make your claim about the rule change complete and total BS. But seriously, who cares. Let the casual basketball fan ooh and aah over these types of plays. I’m more impressed anymore when I see a professional make a bounce pass.