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RedsArmyAdmin November 22, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Your KG Face of the Day
Kg calm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The "Oh, what's that?  Did I just win the game?  Huh… guess I did.  Isn't that a hoot?"

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  • larry

    pp should bring it like that every game…bird did.!!

  • zippittyay

    I’m not one to gripe about the officiating BUT.. I counted SIX blown calls against the celtics in the last minute of regulation and in overtime.

  • bob

    lmao this is amazing to see. the celdicks on the downfall while the lakers are powerhouses once again with pau’s return. the decimation of the league has arrived. go back into your hole celtidick fans.

  • Lee in Oregon

    They salvaged a win against one of the worst teams in the league- but HOLY CRAP what is wrong with the Celtics? KG was limping around by the end- he’s obviously not yet the same KG we know and love…..right now Perk is actually a better offensive option than KG (not a joke). ALSO, what the F is wrong with Ray Allen? I hate to crack on him but these stretches of inconsistancy and shooting slumps spell the beginning of the end, at least as an elite player. (He’d be great next year as an off- the-bench scorer a la Reggie Miller at the end of his hall-of-fame career). Ainge is looking shrewd having not extended him yet.
    I realize the guys I’m knocking came up big at the end, but it was against the freaking Knicks! (who just beat Jersey for a whole 2 wins). Of all the crappy games they’ve played since the good start to the season, this was the most painful to watch. They are a LONG way from championship talk, hell, they’d be lucky to win a 1st round series right now, and I think we can put to bed any talk of comparing the D to the 85 Bears. Thank God there’s alot of ball still to be played, cause what I’m seeing lately is just weak.
    I guess I should say something postive too- Paul Pierce is an absolute stud and that guy BOB who posted above me is an idiot loser. Peace ya’ll

  • Nora

    Lakers are not powerhouses. They are lucky the C’s were hurt last year. Lakers better hope the same thing because we all know that when it counted C’s beat the lakers in the finals. Deal with it. It’s a fact.