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I’ll take it, but I don’t have to like it


Kevin Garnett erased one of his worst games as a Celtic by drilling the game winning jumper in overtime to beat the Knicks 107-105.

It's a great moment, but this was a horrible game.  The Celtics simply do not look good right now.  Doc Rivers says he's not worried.  And I refuse to let myself be concerned or impressed by much in November.  But damn… this Celtics team does not inspire a lot of confidence in me right now. 

Ray and KG were a combined 7 of 28.  Throw in Sheed's numbers and it goes to 7 of 34.  The Celtics defense disappeared for long stretches, as did their effort.

Really, the only reason the Celtics won this game is because Paul Pierce refused to let the Celtics lose. 9 of 17 from the field… 6 of 7 from 3… for 33 points.  Tack on 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 blocked shots… one of them a key block in OT with the C's up 2.  And kudos to Paul for not jacking up the last shot of the game with two guys draped all over him.  He still had confidence in a guy who was cold and he was rewarded for it.. 

Of course, had KG missed, we might have been screaming for Paul to recognize who was hot and take the shot… but let's just not go down that road right now, OK?

Enjoy the win.

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  • Perk looked good and scallie played his role

  • puzzled

    Why didn’t Ray Allen just stand still and wait to be fouled with the c’s up 2 and <24 seconds left in the 4th? Yes, the offensive foul was an awful call, but why was Ray even trying to go anywhere? I found it strange that Mike and Tommy didn't bring this up.

  • Michael

    Marquis played well in limited time as well. The big mistake was letting Pierce take over at the point in the 2nd quarter (or maybe it was 3rd). Pierce played a phenomenal game, but Doc should have left Rondo in. The kid doesn’t need much rest.
    Other option is Marquis at the point. If that is the backup plan, that’s who we should be going with. Pierce SHOULD have the ball in his hands near midcourt with the game on the line, he SHOULD NOT be brining the ball up the court for 5-10 consecutive possessions in the middle of the game when we’re up 10. Perk, Pierce, Rondo, House all played well. True the team as a unit is looking disjointed. Let’s sign/trade for a backup point guard or go forward with Marquis in this role.

  • JD

    I kind of like letting Rondo play with the second unit, it gives them good tempo and he can create for all the shooters that we have on the bench. Plus it allows Ray and Paul to rest a little more.

  • DRJ

    The guys worked hard this time. Effort was there, it’s just that their shots were not going in. The Knicks are unbelievably bad on D, and the Cs were open all night. This would have been a blowout if not for the horrendous shooting of Messrs. Garnett, Allen and Wallace. But shooting comes and goes… that’s not something I’m too worried about.
    Is there a “Big 3” anymore? I say no. There’s the Big One, which is Paul Pierce of course, who’s playing great basketball game in game out. And there’s KG, who’s trying to get back in the groove but isn’t there yet. And there’s Ray Allen, whose ability to handle the ball was always suspect and is now just plain HORRIBLE. The man is walking TO machine. To say nothing of his shooting, which has also gone down the toilet. I fear Ray’s days as a superstar are over; his decline has begun and it’s precipitous.
    The refs tried very hard to throw this game to the Knicks. Here is a short list of their bad calls today:
    – Bogus travel call on PP when he went to the backcourt to pick up a lost ball. He never had possession, but they called a travel anyway. Ridiculous.
    – Phantom offensive foul on Perk
    – 2 phantom fouls on KG (1 offensive)
    – Phantom offensive foul on Shelden
    – Phantom foul on Wallace
    – Phantom offensive foul on Ray
    – Goaltending on Perk (ball hit the glass after his deflection)
    – Phantom foul on Sheed
    Q4 & OT
    – Phantom offensive foul on Scal
    – Phantom offensive foul on Ray in the corner
    – Harrington stands in the paint on D for 10 FULL SECONDS – no 3-second call
    – Phantom foul on KG
    Adds up to about 10 lost possessions. With anything approaching reasonable refereeing, this is a blowout. With anything approaching reasonable shooting from Ray and/or Sheed and/or KG, this game is a blowout. So all in all, today’s game bodes well. We can expect that all these things that went against the Cs today will not normally recur.
    But still… at one point in OT I could not contain my laughter, in the middle of which I blurted out “Man, this is PATHETIC”. But taken as a whole, I guess it wasn’t as pathetic as it seemed.

  • Kevin Garnett was terrible, but hit a game winner so go KG
    Pierce and rondo were the keys to the win

  • michael

    yeah, I’m not much for blaming things on the refs, but it was pretty bad. We got one or two back, but what it adds up to is crappy officiating. THere was also a shot by PP in OT that a Knick clearly goaltended, no call. I think that’s my only addition to your thorough list!
    Worst offenses IMO (all on your list):
    Curry grabs Jersey, then foul call on Sheed/Wallace/KG (too many to remember who this one was on)
    Perk goaltend call (I replayed that about 5 times and he definitely blocked it pre-glass)
    Scal offensive foul call (Curry was still
    sliding over when Scal was going up). On this one, I give Scal a lot of credit for not arguing and getting T’d up. For the most part, we showed great composure.
    Overall the team showed a lot of grit. If only Felger let Donny talk more about the “fight” in postgame. The c’s did fight, even Wallace who sucked from the floor had big Rebs and 4 steals. I like this team a lot and excited to see how this “pacing” plan works out longterm.

  • DRJ

    Good question, good point. And why didn’t any of his teammates come up to give him a hand? (They probably expected a foul at any moment…)

  • CFH

    Even though it was an ugly OT win over one of the worst teams in the league, it just didn’t feel as bad as the other games these past few weeks. There was energetic play and some genuinely good performances. The team looked disconnected sometimes, and there was continued awful shooting, but that’s a vast improvement over the disinterested/exhausted look.
    Maybe they’re turning some kind of corner.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I dont know if anyone else noticed this but in OT I watched Garnett go up for an alley oop and missed it and when he came down and was running back on defense he was limping really BAD. Like he looked like he couldnt even walk. I am convinced he still is not healthy and am really curious if he ever will be again

  • bob

    lmao this is amazing to see. the celdicks on the downfall while the lakers are powerhouses once again with pau’s return. the decimation of the league has arrived. go back into your hole celtidick fans.

  • Had a ball at MSG today. I went NUTS when Ticket hit that shot. He was off all day, but hit it when it mattered most. The shooting in general today was poor again. Rondo was great on offense and D, but (in my opinion) Perk was today’s unsung hero. 4 blocks, 16 pts, 13 boards. He gets better every day. I think as time goes on, the vets will start to get their legs under them and we will be back to blowing teams like this out. Something that wasn’t on tv today that I noticed: Yanks manager Joe Girardi was presented with an award for helping a motorist a short-time back. Those lames at MSG didn’t even stand up for the guy, and most of them barely clapped. Now if Tito Francona was at the TD Garden for something similar, everybody would clap loudly and give him a standing O. My point is, besides Fakers fans, Knicks fans are the lamest.