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The Week in Review

Chuck - Red's Army November 21, 2009 Uncategorized 1 Comment on The Week in Review

I'm not sure I want to look back on this week. The Celtics struggled with the lowly Warriors but won, and then struggled with the mighty Magic and lost.

We had our first non KG related injury (Paul Pierce's knee), and first major trade rumor (Andres Nocioni).

Smalljalen The highlight of our week came Thursday night when ESPN's Jalen Rose joined The 2 Man Game. He's definitely our new BFF.

Two of the best blocks you'll see all year happened this weekstarring Jason Maxiell and LeBron James.

Speaking of defense, Ron Artest showed off his latest move – the sneaker toss.

Joey Crawford and his giant ego had us begging for replacement refs. We also revealed a big secret… shhh… how to get away with fouls!

My favorite KG Face of the Day? His expletive filled Pledge of Allegiance.

I'm guessing Perk had a similar expression when he called out his teammates for lack of focus at practice.

Smallfox Did you know Rajon Rondo can dominate his teammates in Connect 4? Too bad those skills don't translate to the free-throw line. We paired the ugly stats with pictures of Megan Fox wearing Chuck Taylors.

We want to thank The Truth for holding his annual bowling event. Not for all the money raise for charity, but it allowed John to find his soul mate.

You wanna help fill our pockets support our causebuy this new Marquis Daniels t-shirt.

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  • Hi there, nice blog you have here. I’ve always followed the Celtics in the NBA and truly this not just a franchise, its more than that.
    As a fan of Argentina, I would like to hear your views about the possibility trade involving Andres NOCIONI heading to Boston. I did wrote a short piece of that on my blog and would appreciate to drop and share with us your opinion on this. I’m just not too sure what is his role there and how would he fit in?