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Sheed: 4.7% from 3 in losses

Rasheed looking up

Yeah Sheed… that headline is right.

Rasheed Wallace is shooting 1 of 21 from beyond the arc in Celtics losses.  That's 4.7%. 


He's not alone.  Gary Washburn has a lot of ugly numbers in the Globe.  But Sheed's numbers are the worst.

It's not a knock on Sheed.  We know he can hit the shots… and last night a lot of those were open shots.   But I'll reiterate what I said this morning.  I think we're all fine with Sheed being a big man who steps out and shoots 3's.  I don't think we're OK with him being a 3 point specialist.  He's better than that.  I think he'll get a better mix going as we go forward.

But wow.  That's one hell of a number.

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  • FSantos33

    Suit up John I am confident you can shoot a lot better than 4.7%; Hell, I can too. Not sure about Chuck though.. ha.

  • green-team

    its doc rivers fault, his letting the guys take all those stupid 3’s. he should be fired.

  • I still really believe these guys are not comfortable w/each other yet. It will be a process. You can have all the talent in the world, but if the communication is not good, and everyone does not do their own part, you will still be unsuccessful. I’m confident they’ll get it together. However, the age and fatigue factors still have me concerned. Doc really has to be careful with minutes this season. I’d really like to see Bill Walker get in shape w/Portland for a month or 2 and then come back to Boston-he could be a great spark of youthful energy and athleticism to come off the bench.

  • Sorry KWAPT but the starting 5 have been playing together for 3 years, I’ll buy that arguement for the second unit. I also don’t think the age arguement explains the terrible shooting %. The fact that almost everyone of them is playing/shooting horribly points to an overall problem that I believe is Doc’s problem to fix. I’m not saying he should be fired, but somethings different than the last few seasons and he better figure it out fast, because they’re not playing like one of the top 7 or 8 teams in the leauge. The ownership is going to start wondering why they’re paying so much for a mediocre team.

  • 1 for 21 is atrocious. That’s like my track record for getting hot girls.

  • Excellent points. But I still think they are not in sync & it's very obvious.

  • Excellent points-still think they are not in sync though. It's very obvious…