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Your Morning Dump… Where we’re a long way from where we want to be

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“We’re not executing. We’re not trusting each other. We’re going to win
games, still, but we’re not going to win against good teams. It’s just
not going to happen. And we’ll get it, but right now we don’t have it.
I said it before the game, I said it (Thursday), I’ve been saying it
for a week. We’re just going to keep working.”

Doc Rivers, in the Herald – Newest Trick for Celtics is a disappearing act

“Yeah, I mean that’s something that we got to do a better job as
starters. I think it’s kind of getting repetitive — the starts we’re
getting off to and then it’s sort of like we brake off. You know,
against a good team, we got to defend for all four quarters. The
slippage that we have in the first quarter is about being mentally and
physically ready at the start of games. It definitely hurt us tonight.”

Paul Pierce, in the Globe – Postgame Chatter

Let's face it.  The Celtics lied to us.  They lied to us when they came storming out of the gates.  They lied to us when they had a ridiculous defensive efficiency rating.  They lied to us when they were banging 3's all over the place.

The Celtics are playing bad basketball right now.  Doc is right.  They're sloppy.

Take a look at the video: The first three in the video is Rajon Rondo's fault.  He comes down to double Dwight Howard but he goes for the ball and gets way out of position.  KG is on Rashard Lewis.  With Rondo way too low on the D, Howard kicks it back out to Jason Williams.  When KG rolls over on Williams, he kicks it to Lewis for the wide open 3.

The second 3 is a fast break 3 where Paul Pierce just doesn't get out.  But the third one, Pierce plays some horrible pick and roll defense.  Howard sets the pick, Perk rides Mickael Pietrus out and goes back to pick up his guy, but Paul Pierce had gone under the pick and never got back out to challenge the shot.  When Pietrus takes the shot, Pierce is almost at the free throw line… rather than turning the corner and getting up on the shooter.

That game was marred with Celtics getting caught too far one way or the other.  They were out of position and out of sync.  A good defensive team doesn't do that kind of stuff.  It's no wonder why Tom Thibodeau was out of his mind during yesterday's game.  Everything he was seeing must have been driving him nuts.

After the jump, Page 2… where Sheed isn't concerned about his shooting.

“I ain’t worried about it,
honestly,’’ said Wallace, after he missed all eight 3-point attempts.
“I probably rushed about two or three of them. Other than that, it’s
good looks, they’re just not going for me. I’m not worried about my
offense now. It’s still early in the season, I know I won’t be shooting
like this for the duration of the season.

just a matter of making some shots. Everybody goes through it, no
matter if it’s 2-pointers, 3-pointers, or foul shots – everybody goes
through slumps every now and then. But the key, or the heart of that
player will determine how he plays. I’m not the type to let the threes
get me down. I’m missing a couple threes so I don’t want to do this any
more – no. I’m out there playing basketball.’’

Globe: Wallace unable to zero in

When the Celtics were playing well early in the season, Eddie House and Rasheed Wallace were making a ton of 3's… especially Sheed.  He was among the league leaders in makes and takes. 

Honestly, we should have seen this coming earlier.  How many games did the starters come out slow but were bailed out by the bench?  Now, the bench isn't bailing anyone out.  Sheed and Eddie are cold… and they're the second unit scorers.  Marquis Daniels is doing some good things, but he's still a little lost in the system.  Shelden Williams is impressing a lot of people, but he can only do so much.

This team needs Sheed to be option #1 off the bench.  Yes, he could stand to get into the post a little more… and maybe he should to get himself going a little.  He was 4 of 8 from 2 last night and he had 13 rebounds plus two HUGE steals in the clutch.  I'm OK with him stepping out to take 3's, but I really think him mixing it up a little more will help his 3 point shooting. 

Rasheed Wallace is a big man who can hit 3's, he's not a 3 point shooter.  That's an important distinction. If he plays like a big man who can hit 3's, the Celtics will benefit.  If he tries to be a 3 point specialist, he's going to have problems.

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  • paul

    this is just awful.

  • WC

    Oh, c’mon. No comments? The big bad beasts are falling faster than KG’s pants in Richard Simmons’s bedroom….and no comments?
    Boston, I can smell the stench and apathy all the way from sunny SoCal.

  • JD

    I feel like the offense is way too predicated on the three pointer. Obviously when you have Ray, Eddie, and Sheed all on the same team, that might be a problem, but the Celtics are relying on it way too much. We need more aggressive driving from Rondo, Ray, Paul, Marquis etc., in the offense and we need to pound the ball down low to KG, Perk, and Sheed (yes, Sheed, the three point shot is not the only offensive option for you).
    Another problem might be that we’re still sorting out whose role is what on the team. We want Rondo to be more aggressive like the top ten point guard that he is, but when you have four HOFs on your team, he’s not gonna handle the ball as much as he wants to every game. But he really does need to be more aggressive and take over occassionally, especially on the fast break. But it just might be a problem of having a lot of great players on one team, and figuring out who does what.

  • Only two words to clean this mess: fire Doc.
    And then get a true coach.

  • oh boy… it’s already starting?

  • DRJ

    I am also unconcerned with Sheed’s performance on 3s. His overall % will straighten out, almost always does. Likewise for Eddie. They’ll both straighten out. I don’t mind because they’re both “out there playing basketball”. Which is something that cannot be said of their floor leader, Mr. Rondo.
    Fire Doc? Not gonna happen. But I wouldn’t mind it. Not at all. His one talent has been getting the guys to put out 100% effort. Well, he’s certainly failing in that regard this season. Failed coaches get fired. Yes, of course it’s too early. But I still wouldn’t mind. Doc is cursed with tunnel vision, which is going to hurt this team more and more as the clock ticks down on the Big 3.