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Your Morning Dump… Where TGIF means nothing to KG

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morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

Informed the Celtics were 0-2 on Fridays in November, Kevin Garnett
didn't seem worried about the losing trend. Particularly not as focused
as the team is for this game with Orlando.

"I didn't even know what day it was to begin with," said Garnett
before turning to Celtics media relations czar Jeff Twiss and asking,
"Did you know that, Twiss? We're 0-2 on Fridays [in November]? Fridays
feel like Mondays, Mondays feel like Saturdays, and Sundays feel like
Sundays. We're just trying to be better."

ESPN Boston – Magic in the air

The Celtics did destroy the Bulls in their first Friday night game, but it's been a little frustrating to watch the C's take Fridays off.  Yeah, we can explain away the Friday funk by saying the Phoenix game was at the end of a long stretch where the C's were clearly tired… and that they didn't take Atlanta seriously enough (which is an entirely different issue).  But there are no excuses here.

This game is really a litmus test for the Celtics.  If they come out strong, play hard, and act like "The Celtics… then we know their struggles are mostly due to them putting it in cruise control.  If they still struggle, then we know the problems we've seen are legitimate and that this team is more of a work in progress than we thought.  Then you can toss us in the same group as the Magic, Cavs, Lakers and Spurs… who are all having their own issues dealing with revamped lineups.

After the jump, Page 2… where Doc zinged Sheed about his techs

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Rivers wasn’t stunned to hear Wallace has mentored Orlando’s Dwight Howard.

“I think Rasheed mentors a lot of guys,” Rivers said. “He mentors officials all the time.” . . .

Herald:  Celtics have new trick for Magic

Gotta hand it to Doc… he's not afraid to zing his guys with a good one-liner.  And because he's a former player… he can get away with it. 

By the way… we're still waiting for word on whether the league is rescinding any techs on Perk and Doc.

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  • Thanks for the link-up Fella’s! Great show with Jalen Rose last night! I loved every bit of it! Please have him back on again soon! Also– Great pic of KG in the dump today!

  • Superstitious much? Clearly losing on back-to-back fridays means absolutely nothing.
    Orl/Bos are so much different then they were in the playoffs, im not as excited about this game as i wouldve been, neither team is playin all that great.
    And whether the celtics are just putting it into *cruise control* or they have legit problems? putting it into *cruise control* IS A LEGIT PROBLEM

  • Lex

    Rondo, Rondo, and more Rondo. He needs to bring his A+ game all game every game. How did this happen when our roster improved over last season?

  • Yeah… the Friday thing is meaningless… but it’s one of those things that just stick out. Just like last season when the C’s were losing all those Sunday games. It was just weird.
    Chuck and I debated the “cruise control” thing last night. I think we both made decent arguments either way. I don’t see it as a huge problem… but I can see Chuck’s point about whether they’ll have enough when they need to turn it on

  • “Sundays feel like Sundays” Ha! God, I love KG.