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Playoff Basketball in November

Chuck - Red's Army November 20, 2009 Uncategorized 34 Comments on Playoff Basketball in November


The Celtics lost to the Magic, 83-78, in a game full of wretched shooting. With that said, the intensity in the fourth quarter was like that of a playoff game.

The Celts fell behind by 16 points in the 1st quarter and spent the whole game scratching and clawing their way back. They cut the lead to 3 at the half, but slipped in the 3rd and trailed by 7 heading into the final quarter. They finally tied it at 78 with about 2 minutes left, but not much went right after that.

The game turned with the Celtics trailing 80-78, and in need of a stop. Referee Eric Dalen made a highly questionable foul call on Paul Pierce with Orlando's shot clock winding down. After Rashard Lewis made both free throws, a dribble happy Ray Allen coughed up the ball costing the Celtics any chance at pulling out the win.

Vince Carter lead the Magic with 26 points on 10-29 shooting. He also had 6 turnovers. But it kills me to say he had 5 big points in the final 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Rasheed Wallace had a terrible shooting night (4-16 FG, 0-8 3 FG), but played fantastic defense in the fourth quarter. He had 13 rebounds (5 offensive) and 3 steals. Two of those steals came on successive plays in which 'Sheed was guarding Dwight Howard.

Rajon Rondo played about one minute in the 4th quarter. Like most of the Celtics, he was having a terrible shooting night (3-11 FG) and Doc needed his best offensive team on the court.

Perk (14 minutes, 5 points, 2 rebounds, 5 fouls, 1 tech) was a non factor.

Here's the understatement of the night:

"I haven't seen the scorer's sheet, but I didn't feel we shot the ball particularly well," – KG

The Celtics shot 34% from the floor, including 2-19 from three.

Box Score | Recap

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  • Eh…this team is clearly struggling right now, same old = looking old
    rondo doesnt play well and the team is left stumbling, bumbling and chucking 3s
    Im wondering about that whole no shootaround and sleeping in routine doc has the team on now, because clearly the team is getting off to terrible starts

  • NineSevenEight

    I think this team needs to get back to having morning/afternoon shootarounds. They have shown NOTHING to prove that they are any fresher having not shot prior to games. If anything, they look even worse. The look like they’re sleeping through every first half. When is the last time the won a first quarter?! If anything, they need to shoot around for their own sake because they’re shooting percentages are trash during games. Another 2 for 45678 from behind the arc. They don’t even have to make half their threes and they win this. They can’t continue to try and be successful by getting smacked around and trying to crawl back.

  • Good point.

  • NineSevenEight

    And their rotations on D are awful. I don’t know how many times I saw Paul run back at a Magic player to run them off a WIDE open shot. I don’t know if it’s Pierce trying to get away with cheating or someone on the backside not picking up the slack…but it’s been pretty awful.
    And someone near Doc should wake him up from his afternoon nap too and tell his team to get their asses to the gym. I’m sure this “revalation” won’t hit Doc until after the All-Star break.

  • bob

    as a laker fan i love this

  • KY Celts fan

    as a Laker fan, you have no penis, so go troll somewhere else.

  • KY Celts fan

    i agree. bring back shootarounds! I think this sleepologist or whatever Doc is talking to is a bum. it’s like people selling stocks based on what their psychic says!
    however, this traditionally comes out slow. we hardly won any first quarters last year. it’s the third quarter where this team usually does the most damage, and we never got into our groove in the 12 minutes.

  • Eli

    I didn’t watch the post game. Did we get any clarification on why Rondo was left out of most of the 4th?

  • KY Celts fan

    i’m still thinking it’s because we needed the outside shooting, which never came.

  • bob

    lol u mad bra’h?

  • bobby danger

    anyone else think the refs were particularly bad all around tonight or is this just par for the course now?

  • My observations from 7 rows behind the basket: KG is still not fully conditioned. He was laboring and really out of gas. P2 looked sluggish also. We missed 57 shots. One more time-we missed 57 shots. Chemistry was not there tonight and we were late rotating over on some switches/picks etc. Am I panicking? Hell no. But things need to change. Nite.

  • DRJ

    Refs were terrible, of course. Par for the course. Might have cost the Cs the game at the end there… but regardless, they played so badly that a win would surely have been unearned.
    Let’s cut to the chase. The bottom line is Rondo. He was almost literally sleepwalking out there. And he WAS literally just “standing around” a lot of the time. On D especially, but also on O. Just standing around, watching Paul do his thing (on his own). The team’s poor performance is mostly, almost entirely, RONDO’S FAULT. Bottom line truth.
    And when Rondo’s sleepwalking, there’s nobody else to set up plays. PP can do a lot, but he’s no PG. (And btw, Ray is certainly not a PG, can’t be a PG, should never try to be a PG… because the end result is a TO more often than not.)
    Btw, there IS another PG on this club, but Doc’s too thick-skulled to play him. Talkin about Lester. The kid should certainly get his shot now… (a) they’re not gonna get worse, because it’s virtually impossible for any ambulating human to be worse than Rondo was tonight, and (b) rookies are exploding all over the league; everywhere but in Boston. Let’s not forget that Lester was the 2nd leading scorer IN THE COUNTRY in his senior year. Kid’s got game, but it’s game over for him because Doc hasn’t the vision to see beyond the script he wrote for the Big 3 two years ago.
    Damn, they sucked tonight. Paul’s PO’d, btw… could hear it in his voice after the game.

  • bob

    laker fan here just putting in my 2 cents:
    celtics suck lol

  • KY Celts fan

    bra’h? who are you? Spencer Pratt?

  • Uncle Leo

    55 million for a pg who you can’t play in the 4th? Hilarious, the guy has been in the nba a few years now and shows no sign of even attempting to develop a shot or even review the basics of shooting free throws. Seriously has there ever been a guard who was a worse free throw shooter than rondo, now or ever? Whatever, enjoy watching him use up energy getting meaningless rebounds while Perk is boxing out and getting his stats robbed for the next five years.
    Bottom Line: No one is scared to play these guys anymore. They bought one championship so just enjoy it, because when guys come into your house and start dominating 4th quarters its a big sign of things to come.

  • DRJ

    Maybe Rondo’s sick, or something. Looked like it at some points….

  • I can’t describe how much I hate this team. The played the first 10 DAYS of basketball this season and then nothing. They are embarassing.
    We could talk for hours about the morning shootarounds, about the fact that giving Rondo an extension isn’t revealing that good as it seemed, about the horrible team chemistry, but in the end the best thing to do right now is fire Doc and hire a decent coach. How about Thibs, he wanted to be a head coach, give him a chance.

  • bob

    i hope the celdicks continue this crashing and burning. lmao keep crashing back to your lowly abyss where you belonged. typical celtic franchise. win a chip once every millenia and then boast about it for the next mellenia lol.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Bob it’s time for a history lesson. NO franchise other than Clippers and Nets have had worse luck over the past 20 years (before we landed KG and Ray). The Celtics would have 2-5 MORE rings by now were it not for the tragic deaths of Len Bias and then Reggie Lewis. RIP to both these fine players whom we never had the pleasure to see their full potential.
    Also the Green missed out on Tim Duncan despite having two picks and a 36% chance of landing him via the lottery that year.
    Poor management decisions didn’t help any but it’s players that deliver the wins. And last time I checked we are the MOST celebrated team in all of Basketball and twenty-plus years between championships is an anomaly.

  • larry

    i hate to admit this but uncle leo is right…atlanta comes in and dominates the 4th quarter..then orlando does the same.!!the word is starting to get out that the celtics are soft..i’m not worried about the missed shots..i want that “were are gonna beat your ass attitude”.!!back, and it’s not there.!!you guys have to admit that we are not the same team without leon powe.!!he brought energy to the team.!!

  • it was quite funny actually
    All the rondo haters are whining about who else, but rondo…even heard some “trade rondos” after this one… im not here to say rondo played well last night, becasue nope, he had his worst game of the year, but it was a prime example of how much this team needs rondo. We always hear “waaah rondo doesnt spread the floor for the big 3”
    well , the “big 3” were out on the floor with eddie house rasheed wallace to end the game, the floor was certainly spread for ray allen and paul pierce, who fumble and turn the ball over, and miss bunnies.
    Kevin Garnett looks awful, hes not making this team any better then it was when big baby was starting 6 months ago.
    this team absolutely needs rondo to play well to win, forget the lame cop out of spreading the floor, we saw with out own eyes that not work last night, and the last thing we needed was more 3s attempted..its pretty clear doc was just flat pissed with rondos play and was trying to send a message he needs to play like a superstar EVERY NIGHT

  • Danno

    This team needs a point guard who can bring it offensively and defensively EVERY night.
    That’s not Rajon Rondo. Never has been, most likely won’t ever be, either.
    He’s maddeningly inconsistent. An Awful shooter. a Risk Taker on flashy passes during plays when he has an open look at the basket on a layup.
    You can preach all you want Ruins – the guy just hasn’t brought it. You’re partially right – we need the point guard to be consistent. But when you say “We need Rondo to play well to win” it’s wishful thinking most nights.

  • Yo, first of all, hate to say i told you so with Lester…kid aint playing this season and im still not getting why u even want him to play, especially in last nights game.
    This game is rondos fault? he didnt play well and sat out the 4th for your “big 3” to have the floor spread for them, and the big 3 blew a juicy fart, turning the ball over, missing bunnies, bricking 3s.. the big 3 collectively are playing bad on both ends, ray allen and pierce can not defend a single person and each got couldnt get a stop on vince carter when it really matterd
    yes, rondo didnt play well
    all it proves is my theory all along…this team goes as rondo goes
    he no got going? the team loses, and looks old doing it, period

  • 50+ million for 3 old guys who cant win a game without a pg playing at a superstar level?
    Stop taking this out on rondo indidually
    how bad do the big 3 half to play around here for some criticizm to go there way?
    DOC MAKES THE decision to spread the floor for the big 3 at the end of the game, they fail..and its rondos fault

  • Lmao…no im not gonna admit that this team isnt the same without leon powe, because thats a joke and it has nothing to do with leon powe.
    If that were the case3, we could just chalk this up to missing Glen big baby davis as well

  • and by 50+ million i mean just this year, not the course of 5 years
    When are people gonna wake up and see how old and crappy the big 3 look? point a little blame at these guys, arent they suppose to be the leaders of this team? well guys, the chemistry, effort, motivation, intensity is all missing and you guys contine to go out and there and look like you need walkers or wheelchairs by the 4th quarter….leaves rondo in a bit of a hard spot at times in my opinion, trying to run with 3 geezers and perk…not exactly playing to his strengthss

  • Danno…Rondo has been consistently our best player this season
    he had his worst game of the season last night
    Yes he needs to get better, we can agree there…but we’re worlds apart on how we feel for the kid overall, and im not getting into a debate with u about it
    the only problem here is, the “big 3” the supposed leaders of this team fumbled the game away last night, and have looked merely average the entire year..they’ve been consistenly average.
    Again, an argument rondo haters have had is how Ray and Pierce could play better and get better shots at the end of the game with the floor spread…how’d that work for ya? (that theory is a crock of bullshit, rondos speed, penetare and dish gets them wide open shots at the end of all games)
    KG looks old and is all bark and no bite right now, not rebounding well, not running or jumping well, wont score in the paint enough, get winded within 5 minutes
    Pierce looks in slow motion, turning the ball over, missing bunnies, and overdribbling
    Ray is an 18 million roleplayer who didnt even hit a 3 last night, cant keep anyone in front of him defensively, hell none of our guards could stop vince carter when it mattered last night
    AGAIN – These old 3 need rondo to play like a superstar every night, or they will lose, and look old doing so

  • In hindsight it was probably really stupid of doc not putting rondo back out there, first of all because “spreading the floor for the big 3” did absolutely nothing, the last i checked ray allen fumbling the ball away was the reason we lost the game…so much for those “better looks”.
    Secondly because we have already seen on a handful of occasions where the cs look lifeless late in a game and rondos energy, speed, pressure, passing ability and effort singlehandedly snap us out of funk and win us a game.. hell it happened the game before against the warriors, and the entire team credited him.
    Instead we went with the lineup we went with, and we all saw the results

  • NineSevenEight

    And there’s no excuse why Rondo shouldn’t bring it every night.

  • I agree…but I highly doubt he purposely doesnt “bring it”
    I have a hard time following some celtics fans who seem to think other PGs never play a bad game, or other players dont have “off nights”
    it happens, watch around the league…hell watch the other players on this team.. none have been played at a high level every night – not even close

  • Good Observations KWAPT…something other then “this is all rondos fault” you get to the source of the real issue, KG and PP look old and sluggish

  • Yeah, that's what I saw. Good article today in Herald by Steve Bulpett also. Talks about how guys don't trust each other yet. Chemistry is not there. KG will get conditioned soon enough too-it's just gonna take more time. (as is building chemistry). On the Amtrak to NY as I write this-going to watch C's-Knicks tomorrow.

  • Danno

    I don’t think it’s purposeful either.
    I think it’s a combination of:
    1. Immaturity, he is only 23.
    2. Stubbornness with play calling/coaching.
    3. Genuine lack of all around Basketball talent.
    I don’t want him to be lacking. But he is.
    Adn Im not making excuses for the others, Garnett, Sheed, Perk, and Ray have all looked like shit so far. Pierce is the only one putting the effort in.
    KG needs to to get back in shape.
    Ray and Sheed are show ing their age.
    Perk still has trouble keeping himself out of foul trouble.
    But Rondo – rondo has a lot more things that aren’t able to be fixed with coaching. Mechanical/talent issues that might never resolve themselves.
    I dunno. I’m not too thrilled with this team now.