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The Ugliest Thing You’ll See All Day

That's Rajon Rondo's free throw percentage. Twenty-five freakin' percent.

How can a guy shooting nearly 59% from the field shoot less than half that from the stripe?

If that number does not improve, teams will go into Hack-a-Rondo mode the minute he gets into the paint.

After the jump, pictures of Megan Fox in some Chuck Taylors that will surely ease your pain.




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  • idaho.jim

    i forgot what the article was about after making the ‘jump’

  • doc has chalked it up to his change in his shooting form, and in time it will get better, because supposedly the mechanics are better and hes just struggling with confidence right now in the change…
    who knows, but even myself, one of the biggest rondo fans is dissapointed to this point with his ft shooting, i mean its obviously abysmal…with that said he was our best player on the floor last night and has been much of the season, if he plays bad and doesnt get his confidence in his shot…we have no chance

  • Danno

    90% of Rondo’s Field goals are at the rim, uncontested layups.
    He rarely, if ever, takes jump shots.
    I don’t know what’s more alarming:
    The fact that he’s 25% from the stripe, or 59% on bunnies no NBA player shoudl ever miss, ever.
    No wait – the most alarming Rondo statistic is that he’s being paid 11 Million dollars a year to be the worst shooter on the team.
    Kinda makes Scal’s 4.5 mil for 45% from 3pt land almost not seem so bad.

  • this might be a random comparison, but rondos early struggles from the line are reminding of watching david ortiz at the plate early in the red sox season…pathetic…but eventually ortiz came around, hopefully rondo does too.
    at this point its gonna take a while to get that % up…
    The worst part about this is rondo could be a dominant offensive force and lead the league in ft attempts, but bc he has 0 confidence and doesnt want to get to the line it effects his confidence at times..

  • Rondo has been the celtics best player, and when he hasnt played well the wheels fall off and the big 3 havent looked all that great individually, none are playing at an all star level and theyre looking pretty old. the only reason we pulled away from the garbage warriors last night was rondo (as KG even stated after the game)
    FT shooting has to get better for rondo, period we can agree on that…but maybe youre blind to all that he DOES DO out on the court and all that sticks out to you is empty stats and fadeaway jumpers from low bball IQ players like a Rudy Gay (one of the many bums u wanted to trade rondo for) but cant appreictae someone who does everything well out there other then shooting

  • FSantos33

    Rondo is lacking “BALANCE” the last eight games. Pressure from the Contract? I don’t know but from my perspective Rondo is multi talented, he can spread his game out more. He has to look for his outside shot a little more; try to get contact at the rim so he can get to the FT line.
    What annoys me is when he drives all the way to the rim obviously he can lay it up or give an up fake and get fouled but instead he would opt to kick the ball all the way back out to the corner or top of the key for a 3. When he is that close to the hoop he has to try to score that ball.
    The first four games he was unstoppable on the glass but the last seven opponents are doing a better job blocking him out. Rondo will be just fine maybe just some butterflies in his stomach after signing the huge contract.
    All I am saying is have some Balance and he’ll be alright. He is doing a good job dishing the rock but he has to look for his own outside shot too. He can’t rely on his speed and expect getting to the bucket every time. Look for your shot more Rondo it can only benefit your game.
    Like Chuck said we don’t want to see Hack-a-Rondo in the playoffs that would be embarrassing especially shooting at 25%. Wait he only has 16 FT attempted so far… Love your game Rondo but you can do a lot better.

  • JD

    You are absurdly overstating how many of Rondo’s shots are uncontested layups. Stop being a hater; yeah he can’t shoot, we’ve been over this. But he does so many other things well, that if he could shoot from the outside, he’d be the best point guard in the league.

  • DRJ

    Danno’s correct in that most of Rondo’s shots are layups. He’s completely incorrect about them being “uncontested”. The opposite is true: most of his layups are heavily contested. That’s his talent… getting through the D to the rim.
    This year he’s also had a nice mix of jumpers, and he has hit a good % of them. It’s just that he clearly has a mental block about FTs… we saw it on his face after he finally hit one last night… utter relief. Right after that he went on a tear. So this one issue is a boogaboo for him.
    He needs to get into a gym, with RayRay by his side, and shoot 5,000 FTs till Ray says he’s ok.

  • I gotta agree with DRJ and JD. Rondo makes a ton of tough shots in the lane. It’s completely unfair to criticize him for shooting 59% on layups.

  • For a majority of his shots being tough layups inside the lane, he has only gotten to the free throw line 8 or so time this year….the kid needs to learn how to create contact while still finishing at the basket, when he learns how to sell this consistently his game will take another huge step
    and im not talking about trying to create contact when its not there, or trying to flop more or anything, if he blows by his man and the help d like he is capable of doing, im fine with that quick flip layup
    but in situations where he knows his shot will be contested he needs to create and sell the contact, especially on fast breaks where he has had a bit of trouble at times this year

  • FLCeltsFan

    Actually this isn’t close to the ugliest thing I’ve seen today. They just showed a closeup of Pau Gasol on NBA TV. Now that is ugly!

  • Danno

    These are the situations where he ususally does a retarded behind the back lazer pass to someone on the perimeter who isn’t expecting it and creates a turnover.
    It’s almost like he’s afraid to take it to the rack and draw contact.
    Maybe it’s because he sucks from the line.
    Maybe he’s still shell shocked by a few of his dunks when he got hammered.
    But he needs to man up, seriously. Stop trying to be so fancy.