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The Morning Dump… where Paul Pierce ralllies the troops


The Celtics made their stand
following a halftime talk by captain Paul Pierce. Early in the third
quarter, the Celtics stopped the Warriors (3-8) on seven successive
possessions, holding them without a field goal for 6:01.

had one of those conversations that every team has,’’ said Kevin
Garnett (15 points, seven rebounds). “And we just know we’re a better
team as far as being solid and consistent. The captain sort of pulled
everybody together and just talked to us about what we needed to do to
go out in the second half. We followed his lead and followed what he
said to us and took it to heart.’’

Globe – Celtics Man Up For Win

Moments like this sound good, especially to fans and the media, but I believe these 'conversations' happen frequently. We only hear about them when the results are positive. I'm not trying to diminish what Paul Pierce said at halftime. But I see a fatigued Golden State team, playing the second game in a brutal back-to-back (CLE, BOS), with only 7 players. There should have been no need for 'the talk.'

“I got on him, and I rarely do, about the threes,’’ Rivers said of
Wallace. “Because even though he was wide open, it’s really tough. I
mean, he was wide open and he took two, but we had just taken two quick
ones. But he’s got an incredibly high basketball IQ. He’s been
phenomenal in the locker room. So, I’m just happy to have him.’’

Globe – Rivers Assumes 3-point Stance

I have no qualms with Doc telling 'Sheed to limit his threes, and 'Sheed shouldn't either.

On Page 2, video of Kevin Garnett's three-quarter court shot.

“I did make a halfcourt shot, didn’t I,” he said after the Celtics’ 109-95 win, getting the distance wrong.

He turned to Paul Pierce and, in a mock scolding, said to the Celtics captain, “Why didn’t you
tell me, dog?” Told the shot was actually made from three-quarters
court distance, Garnett said, “It was three-quarters, wasn’t it. Whoa,
that felt good.

“I was just trying to get the ball up, and if you look at the tape, I called it.”

Is there anything funnier than watching those two speak to the media after games?

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  • aaron

    i made a comment three weeks ago about rasheed and him jacking up threes whenever he felt like it.
    everyone told me i was dumb.
    i hate to tell redsarmy followers i told you so… but i did.
    i am SO glad Doc is addressing early. pistons fans can recall countless games they lost because rasheed thinks he is a 7 foot reggie miller

  • sheed really has cooled off considerably, and forget a 7 foot reggie miller, hes a 7 foot foot eddie house with the way he runs hot/cold from deep…and honestly its a shame with what a good post player he is…
    BUT…the celtics did bring him in to spread the floor on offense and bang in the middle on defense…hes done exactly that – his 3s just arent falling right now..
    As for Pierces “halftime speech” …eh was rondo the only one listening? he really lit a fire under the team in my opinion, yeah he wasnt flawless (who the hell was) but his energy turned around the game for us

  • Agreed. I absolutely love the KG/PP double press conference, (super man anyone?). Other than the fact that we love it, do we know why they do it? Anyone else do it? Better yet, could you see any other two players doing it?