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It’s probably because of the all you can eat buffets

Sweetney Celtics Yahoo's Adrian Wojonarowski reports the Celtics were willing to try to keep Michael Sweetney around… stashing him in the D-League to get him into playing shape because they think he's got NBA talent.

But it seems Sweets has other ideas… and he's close to signing a deal in China

I bring this up for 2 reasons:  1: The cheap buffet joke in the headline. 2: If he gets into any sort of shape in China… and the Celtics find themselves in need of a big man later in the season… don't be shocked if we see Sweets back in Boston.  Doc and Danny seem to be holding out some hope for this guy. 

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  • Expat

    Did you guys know that your website is not accessible in China? Yup. You’re on their black list. I thought about this for a little bit and then it hit me that it’s probably the name, Red’s Army. Just thought I’d share that with you.

  • Wow… banned by the Chinese government.
    Maybe Chuck and I should plan a little diplomatic mission to China to open us up to that huge market.