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Your Morning Dump… Where Perk is calling out his teammates

Perk“I think our energy’s been high,
[but] these past few practices haven’t been good, I don’t think,’’
Perkins said after yesterday’s workout. “They haven’t been our best
practices. We’ve been turning over the ball, just being sloppy the last
two practices.

“I thought
as far as Doc and the coaching staff, they had the right game plan for
practice. As a team, we haven’t had the perfect execution for practice.
We just gotta get back on the right track.’’

Globe:  Perkins says sloppy practice isn't helping

I'll be honest… reports of sloppy practice worry me more than anything I'll see in a game short of major injury.  Other teams can get hot or game plan their way to making you look bad.  You can be on a back-to-back and be tired.  But looking bad in practice is all on you.  Especially when the Celtics are letting you sleep in now.  No excuses.  That needs to be cleaned up.

On the plus side… Perk is stepping up and being vocal.  He doesn't like what he sees… and he's letting everyone know about it.  That's nice to see.  Perk's been here for a while… and he's not going to take anything from anyone.  He can let the news guys have it if that's what needs to be done… and he can let the stars know what's up too. 

No fear. I like it. 

After the jump, Page 2… where KG and Doc disagree

“I wouldn’t call it slippage,” he said. “It’s kind of weird
(because) one thing leads to another. Slippage is when you stop being
consistent with what you’ve started with. If you look at the two games
we’ve lost, (vs. Atlanta) Joe Johnson was very aggressive. Usually we
cancel Mike Bibby out, but he broke out. Same thing with Indiana. Danny
Granger was very aggressive early and once we cooled him off, Dontae
Jones was really aggressive. When he was with Denver he wasn’t even a

“You give guys confidence, then anybody can score in this league,”
Garnett said. “You can’t win like that. It just makes it difficult to
win. I wouldn’t call it slippage, though. Are we as crisp as we can be?
No. We are not that team that’s as polished as we can be, but we’re
trying to put it together.”

Herald:  Celtics go on the defensive

"Slippage" is the word of the year so far with the Celtics.  Doc's using it all the time. 

But if slippage isn't the word, KG… then what's the word to explain what you're saying?  Sloppy?  Apathetic?  Confused? 

It seems like Doc thinks these guys were further along in their progression and they've regressed a little.  KG seems to think they were never as far as Doc thought and this team is a work in progress. 

I'm leaning more towards Doc's side… but maybe I'm wrong.  What do you guys think?

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  • Thanks for the link John.

  • FSantos33

    Warriors are in town tonight just what the doctor ordered; its their last game of the road trip and usually teams just fold can’t wait to get home. They gave the Cavs a hard time last night so I don’t know. W’s are unpredictable. If C’s lose to the whacky Warriors tonight you can definetly use “Slippage” as headline. I am giving myself two games fan suspension if we lose at home to tonight.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Slippage seems like good choice for what we’ve all been seeing of late. Doc +1.

  • Call me strange but I dont see it as a good sign that A.) this team is having sloppy practices after the slippage we’ve in the last handful of games, yes we’ve only lose 3 games but we’ve barely squeaked by the 2 worst teams in the league as well…
    and B.) that its Perkins whos calling out the team, and not say one of the big 3?
    seems kinda odd, but good for perk someones gotta do it

  • lol…yeah with the way our defense has looked lately and apparently the way they’ve been practicing, the athletic warriors could give us another unexpected tough fought game…lets hope not 🙂

  • I like what I see out of Perk right now. He has really matured and on and off the court. I’d still like to see a little less protesting w/the refs on his part.

  • G4L

    Its part of his game.. he’s a mean S.O.B.

  • < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    Well then it's a part he needs to drop. He just needs to mature a little bit more. Off the court he is real cool, laid-back and the whole nine. I do think the intensity is needed on the court, but there are times when he's not back on D because he's shaking his fists at Olandis Poole or some other clown, I'd like to see him just try and let that sh** fly sometimes. That's all. You hear me KP??? lol