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I’ve never felt worse about a 14 point win…


Yes, the Celtics beat the Warriors 109-95. But for 2 1/2 quarters, we had to watch another crap effort from this team. Not only is Golden State bad, but they're also severely undermanned. Enough about the negative… (for now)

The Celts broke this one open midway through the 3rd. Tied at 55, the green went on a 15-2 run. It was Rajon Rondo's show. He had 5 points and 3 assists during that four minute spurt. Rondo finished with 18 points (8-12 FG) 12 assists and 7 rebounds. When the Celtics are struggling, hell, even when they aren't, Rondo has to be more aggressive on offensive. I don't care about the Big 3. He's the straw that stirs the drink.

Golden State hung around in the first half because they were shooting 50% from the field and out-rebounding the Celtics. Yes, out rebounding the C's… with a small lineup. How pathetic is that? The Warriors clearly tired in the 3rd and that's why the Celtics ran away with it.

I refuse to feel good about this win.

Other observations:

Mikki Moore picked up his first foul 18 seconds into the came. He picked up his second 3 minutes later and despite trying to wave off Don Nelson, he ended up on the bench. Same things… never change.

Kevin Garnett buried a 70-footer right before the half. Unfortunately, he didn't get it off before the buzzer.

If you were at the game, that tall bald guy you saw on the jumbotron was John.

My prediction in the game preview was Bos 110 GS 92. Final score 109 – 95. Not bad, huh?

Box score | Recap

More pictures from the game, after the jump…




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  • FSantos33

    Hey Chuck your final score prediction was pretty accurate; you said 110 – 92 not bad. Ugh, first two quarters were really hard to watch but finally we pulled away. I guess I don’t have to suspend myself for two games. Won a small wager from my Warriors friend, I gave him 8 points too.

  • Thanks. I added that to the blog post. I gotta pat myself on the back whenever possible.

  • DRJ

    Great headline. Felt the same way. First half: totally pathetic. Felt like I was watching the Boston Zombies. Second half: ok, better. Rajon woke up after hitting his FT. (I didn’t realize how much it meant to him… from the look on his face, a lot. Good.)
    Another reason to hate this game: the refs. They sucked, again (surprise, surprise). This time they shafted the other side… lots of phantom fouls and bullshit traveling calls on the Warriors. I gotta say, I hate that only a little less than when they do it to our guys. Just call ’em fair, please… that’s all we want.
    Even with Jameer out, I hope they play 48 minutes on Friday… if they wanna avoid another L.

  • Hahahaha I definitely saw John up there. That was one of the best parts of the game.
    You should have been rockin’ some Redsarmy.com gear though.

  • The C’s still need more time to learn how to fully take advantage of the mismatches they have on the offensive side of the floor, and they also need to make a significant effort to post up sheed and kg on the low block
    i cant remember pierce got the ball at the elbow, thats not a good thing because thats where most of his damage comes from
    why the lackadaisical effort on defense and the boards? its frustrating as hell, did tom give up coaching and start drinking heavily after not getting another head coaching job? thats the only explanation i can think of for the poor effort
    Im convinced that Doc bets on the games, he clearly was playing against the spread tonight leaving his starters in as long as he did in the fourth
    (by the way i have no idea what the spread was)
    i believe that was the first game doc has ever played JR in, where he gave him minutes other than at the end of quarters or garbage time, is this the beginning of something? or a complete anomaly, we’ll see

  • Rondo’s aggressiveness and energy was the key in this one.
    At the end of the first half there was a play where Rajon didn’t really get all the way back on defense…. He got an earful from Thibodeau, and then was pulled by Doc. Doc said something to him when he put him back in the game (maybe something about earning that $55 million)… and from that point on Rajon was back to his normal self. And the Celtics returned to normal form.

  • I really feel what all of you are saying. Especially Chuck. You guys know I am as diehard a C’s fan as they come, yet I could not get into this game. I was there and early on I really thought the C’s were gonna get booed. It was the same stuff: missed layups, rebounds (Warriors RAPED us on the glass in the 1st half) and we missed 10 free-throws tonight. In the 3rd quarter, when we started opening things up, I really had a hard time getting excited. I love this team, but right now something is still just not quite right. Let’s hope we get it right soon…

  • Hey Papa-yeah John and I noticed Giddens in very early as well. We think it was just Doc’s way of getting P2 some extra rest. I actually remember Giddens going in early like that once before this year. I believe it was the Utah game…??

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I was at the game tonight too. Unfortunately did not see John dancin on the Jumbotron but I feel the same way. The team didnt seem excited, the crowd didnt seem that excited, just overall a pretty boring game, even when things were going good I just dont see the same excitement in the team right now, and I live eat and breathe this team. Somethings gotta get fixed!!

  • If I didn’t come straight from work, I would have

  • PutDJintheHall

    This seems to me like a classic over adjustment. The C’s went all out last year in each game and then tired in the playoffs. Seems to me, that they are grinding every game. Makes for questionable games. The team is good enough to turn it on and off. I would like to see a little more consistency on the defensive end and I have no answer why they can’t rebound.
    I didn’t feel good about the win either. The goal for the year is to get to the playoffs happy and healthy, no matter what.
    I don’t really care about home court. A healthy Celtic team win anywhere.

  • Im one of the biggets rondo fans, and he was the key to the win (nothing new), as even stated by KG after the game…but I thought he was up and down during the game honestly, wasnt exactly his greatest performance, missed fts, gambling on defense and a few ugly turnovers….but with that said, he was still our best player by a considerable margain, i mean all of the talk about the big and sheed, i havent seen any of them play any better then role players this year

  • Very tough first half. 49 points? They were threatening the O/U of 209 which I thought was going to be a joke.
    Rondo is proving his worth night in and out. He and Perk look awesome.