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Better blocked shot from last night: Jason Maxiell or LeBron James?

Shannon Brown has been hanging his nuts on a lot of foreheads this year… but Jason Maxiell was having NONE of it last night in LA. 

Meanwhile, tonight's opponent, the Golden State Warriors, were in Cleveland last night.  And Monta Ellis got "LeBron'd"… a.k.a. he got chased down from behind and rejected in a very embarrassing manner.  LeBron has perfected this move… and it's nasty.

Both were nasty blocks… but which one was better?

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  • G4L

    As awesome of a block that is by Lebron how many times have you seen him and other players do that.
    So I say Maxiell because he was a sitting duck & blocked a power dunk. I mean how many times do you see a guy grow the balls to take on some one in a full sprint, knowing the possiblity of them becoming part of a poster.

  • Maxiell…
    hes good for 2-3 of those a year (and not much else), and it couldnt have come against a better opponent this time around

  • LeBron’s block is just amazing athleticism. Maxiell? Well his is a man size block. Living in Detroit I have a soft spot for Maxiell, he really is the kind of guy we’d love to have on the bench as a 7-8 player.
    Most of the league wouldn’t even go for the charge let alone leave the floor and reject that. AWESOME!!

  • Sophomore

    “hanging his nuts on a lot of foreheads” – LMAO.
    Also, Maxiell’s block is amazing. Haven’t seen one like that in a long time.

  • bigmck

    I second that.

  • No question, Maxiell!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yep, Maxiell’s arm doesn’t even go back towards the rim and Brown was coming with full force. It would have been better if Brown fell on his ass. LAKERS SUCK!