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Your Morning Dump… featuring more Nocioni trade rumors


Sources told
that the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings, in considering the
feasibility of a Samuel Dalembert-for-Kenny Thomas swap, have discussed
expanding that concept with Boston by trying to draw in the Celtics on
a potential three-way deal that would land Andres Nocioni with the

Sources further stressed over the past 48 hours that this should be classified as an ongoing conversation
as the teams involved decide how much they like what’s on the table.

But the full deal as it stands, if it eventually gets that far,
would send Nocioni to Boston, Kenny Thomas, Tony Allen and Brian
Scalabrine to Philadelphia and Dalembert and J.R. Giddens to

ESPN TrueHoop: The next big trade? Here's a 3-team possibility

This certainly isn't the first time we've heard the Nocioni-to-Boston rumors.  And if this rumor is true, then I call this a no brainer.  Tony and Giddens don't play… so they're just filler.  The swap becomes, in essence, Nocioni for Scalabrine.  How do you not do that deal?  Nocioni can give you scoring, some rebounding and decent defense off the bench. 

I wonder what this means for Glen Davis' minutes?  Shelden Williams is already staking a claim to some of those.  Nocioni, at 6'7", 225, will fill that face-up forward role that Baby seems to at least have waiting for him  Nocioni would deserve minutes.  He's good enough to warrant minutes.  So… where would they come from?  For the record, these are all questions Chuck asked when he originally said he doesn't like the idea of bringing in Nocioni.

After the jump, Page 2, where Glen Davis is at least staying slim

“He hasn’t gained a pound,” Rivers said. “So that’s a great update.
That’s a goal for us is for him to come back lighter. He’s looked good.
Some days he comes in the morning and works out and comes back at night
and runs more.”

WEEI: Open practice, open questions  (via CelticsBlog)

It's nice to hear he's working hard to stay in shape.  That's how he's going to find his way into the rotation if he's forced to share minutes with Nocioni and Shelden Williams.  You can't accuse Baby of being lazy.  He seems to be determined to make up for his mistake… which is costing him much more than we imagined.

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  • Lex

    Perhaps baby gets dealt

  • I am not a fan of Nocioni, im not a fan of his at all, and dont want him, sure id take him if all it takes is scal and TA and not baby, but i dont see how he fits in personality wise with this team whatsoever

  • CFH

    Oh look, that’s a three for one deal. The Celtics will have two open roster spots.
    Guess they’ll have room to sign Iverson!

  • Lex

    A conversation will be had among the celtics brass re iverson. Whether it ever amounts to anything, unlikely.

  • BrickJames

    Trade Baby and keep Scal.

  • Green8Teen

    I want no part of Nocioni. Never liked him or his style of play. The only way I’d do this deal is if we were only losing scal and/or TA, and Nocioni’s contract is expiring. Anyone know if it is?

  • ewwww
    what the hell is with Scal homers?

  • Danno

    The guy plays sound fundamental basketball, doesn’t have an attitude problem, does exactly what he’s asked without complaining, plays great D inside and out, can hit threes with a better percentage than 3/4 of the Celtics team and spread the floor on the opposing D.
    You know – everything Rondo DOESN’T do.

  • finn

    The only problem is we’re losing all our expiring contracts if we were thinking of getting a backup pg later this season. Plus Nocioni has 3 years and a 20mil left on is contract which is a problem when you have big name players you need to resign. Nocioni helps, but I’d rather take a real backup pg later (no offense lester).

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    You gonna go out on a limb and say Scal is better then Rondo, there Danno? this actually has nothing to do with rondo actually, so stay on topic.
    Scal is out of shape , overpaid,and always injured…hes the least important piece of the entire puzzle

  • I wouldnt be totally for or against this trade, i still think we need to find another point guard, maybe if they add sergio rodriguez or beno udrih to the trade i would like it more
    but i think we could actually get a better deal with our expirings if we really tried, ive already thrown around trying to get rudy gay, and taking back marko jaric’s big contract to make it work (plus i think jaric could play point and guard the 2 with eddie in there, and get him back on track)
    im sure there are some other options too, but overall this wouldnt be terrible or great it would mean however that danny is doing all he is to cash in on the big three’s window
    by the way i like nocioni as a player, can guard 3 positions, passes well, and has a decently well rounded offensive game, plus he is tough and hard working, whats not to like?