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Memphis will waive Iverson

That didn't take long

"The Grizzlies and Allen Iverson have come to a mutual agreement that
because of personal matters that forced him to leave the team on Nov.
7, Allen will step away from the game at this time, allowing him to
focus on those matters," Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace said in a
statement. "As a result, we will be ending our contractual agreement
with Allen, which will allow both parties to move forward. We wish
Allen the best."

The move to Memphis didn't make sense when it happened… and the way this all went down doesn't make sense now.  Did they not talk before he signed?

While I have a hard time thinking some team will be stupid enough to make a move for him now… I know some team will get desperate enough for scoring to make a move later.  Allen Iverson's time in the NBA is not done.

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  • aaron

    if iverson could check his ego, a la starbury the celtics could use him off the bench.

  • KY Celts fan

    would never happen. not in a million years. iverson is just too much of a douche. he doesn’t care about championships, he cares about himself.

  • Another 25 for Brandon Jennings tonight. 8 assists as well… I’m excited to see him play against the C’s.

  • no no they couldn’t, there bench does not need a defensive liability who only wants to create shots for himself
    there second unit could desperately use a backup point, and it would be nice to have another reliable wing, but not an ai and nothing close to what he is as a player

  • if i was danny some guys id look at to try to trade tony’s expiring deal for to get some help at the backup point position would be travis denier, cj watson, chris quinn, luke ridnour, sergio rodriguez, ronnie price, or we could try and sign antonio daniels, OR maybe they have lue play half a year
    what do yall think about this trade:1st rounder scal tony jr and baby for rudy gay and marco jaric
    would give us another wing and a guy who can play point alongside eddie, and would give memphis about 15 mil of extra cap space next year
    maybe it could happen? would anyone want it to?

  • FSantos33

    Me too Tim, I watched him put up double nickel and tonight twump 5.. Kid is fearless man. But…. against Rondo max Jennings would get is 19. Rondo is usually up for a challenger especially a rookie.

  • FSantos33

    Your trade proposal sounds good and I am all for an energy wing guy too. RIght now I think we are missing energy off the bench. If Big baby struggles when he comes back then a trade may happen.

  • It has nothing to do with this news but I just saw this rumor about Nocioni to Boston and thought I would pass it along. From Marc Stein’s Twitter :
    @STEIN_LINE_HQ Where do we turn next for our NBA trade chatter now that Stephen Jackson has been moved. We’re hearing of a potential new three-way deal 39 minutes ago
    And this part :
    @STEIN_LINE_HQ Word is this is an exploratory discussion at the minute, but the key elements would be Nocioni to BOS, Dalembert to SAC, Cap Relief to PHI 36 minutes

  • More infos here :
    Basically Sacramento is doing all it can to get rid of Nocioni and Boston is hesitant to take his huge contract which would hurt their financial flexibility for the future. But if the deal is done, you can say goodbye to the following players :
    “But the full deal as it stands, if it eventually gets that far, would send Nocioni to Boston, Kenny Thomas, Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine to Philadelphia and Dalembert and J.R. Giddens to Sacramento. ”