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Doc Regrets Playing Pierce vs Indiana

Via (The 2 Man Game Guest) Frank Dell'Apa of

Celtics' captain Paul Pierce (left knee sprain) practiced briefly
Monday and will be held out of Tuesday's training session, according to
coach Doc Rivers. Pierce's status for the Celtics-Golden State Warriors
contest Wednesday has not been determined.

Pierce sustained the injury late in the third quarter of the
Celtics' 97-86 loss to Atlanta Friday, then had 15 points in 34 minutes
of action in a 113-104 loss at Indiana Saturday night.

"I shouldn't have played him," Rivers said of Pierce's appearance against the Pacers. "But he talked me into it."

Pierce participated in agility drills Monday, then went to the
sidelines as the Celtics scrimmaged, working out on a stationary
bicycle, then going to the lockerroom to have his knee taped.

Rather than offer my own commentary on Doc's regret, I'm going to share with you John's reaction via IM after I notified him of the news:

Who's making the decisions around there?

many times have we heard that, too? "He shouldn't have played… "

Yeah, if only someone with some authority over who plays and who
doesn't had done something…. huh Doc?

I'm not an advocate of taking private conversations public, but I thought John's reaction was too good to keep between ourselves. Sorry – John. Can we stay friends? At least I left out that stuff about you needing to refill your Cialis prescription.

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  • FSantos33

    Did they do a MRI on it yet? UGH! It doesn’t seem like it’s as bad as KG’s knee injury last year but it doesn’t sound too good.

  • Walk

    Pierce should be able to play if he wants. It’s not like he is a young guy trying to prove something here. He’s an adult. More importantly, he’s our captain and knows his limits better than anyone else.
    If it were Rondo, then I’d be all for bashing Doc for playing him…but this is Pierce. We should trust that he knows what is best not only for himself, but for the team.

  • I see the problem here not so much that Doc doesn’t call the shots on the team. Of the hundreds of decisions he needs to make daily about the team, how many do we really ever know about that he admits mistake to? I am admittedly not a Doc fan. Even after the title, I wasn’t sold. But I will admit that he has an unenviable job managing the players he has.
    He has three franchise players to coach. Easy right?
    Maybe not I say. Anytime a franchise player goes to a coach and says, “I want to and can play tonight” what does the coach do?
    He can’t get them all correct. If Paul says he can play and wants to play, that’s a hard choice to make to tell him “No” I figure.

  • I guess I just type too slowly!!

  • Orb

    Don’t sweat it Chuck. It’s not like you called John stubborn and uncoachable.
    If you had you’d owe him 11 mil per year.

  • I saw it called a strained MCL today.

  • rcry

    I agree that Pierce is an adult and that he’s our captain, but I completely disagree that he knows his limits better than anyone else.
    When your adrenaline is pumping like it is during a game or in practice, you don’t feel the pain even though you are in pain. You think you’re invincible, even though you are not.
    By playing Pierce when he’s injured like that (and they knew it was serious enough for Pierce to be questionable for last Saturday’s game), he risks further injury. Doc should know better and not let his players walk all over his better judgment.

  • zauer

    But besides Pierce’s health and weather his knee could get worse it’s matter of what is good for the team. After game PP said that Jones was getting by him all night long and he’s the one to be blamed. So why he kept playing? They say how great player Daniels is and that he could play in starting 5 in a lot of teams. So why PP didn’t said “Ok i’m too slow tonight, let Marquis play”?

  • FSantos33

    Hopefully PP’s strained knee is minor; I am having flashbacks from KG’s knee injury posts.

  • Venus

    Did Doc at least consult with the trainers before he allowed himself to be talked into letting Pierce play? Who is in charge here?
    And I’m seriously beginning to question the legend of Doc’s ability to get his players playing hard for him because I’ve seen some truly half-assed efforts from the team in recent memory.

  • FSantos33

    The Grizz just waived Allen Iverson – Any predictions where he’ll land next? I’d say go hangout with Marbury call it a career.

  • Doc just cant help himself can he?
    it seems like the only player on the team they arent willing to risk letting play through injury is scal
    anyway doc, it wont be the end of the world if bill or jr plays significant minutes in a regular season game, you wont lose your job, i promise

  • Considering Marquis is capable of putting up numbers if given the minutes, and we were going up against his former team (players tend to have big nights against former teams) it made no sense to play pierce the night after he hurt his knee….give marquis the damn minutes

  • aaron

    more evidence, doc rivers isnt a good coach. a chimp could have lead the 2008 squad. lets be honest fellas