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Brilliant Defensive Move By Ron Artest

Our defensive play of the week goes to Ron Artest.

Seconds after Trevor Ariza lost his sneakers, Artest picked it up and handed it to Ariza tossed it out of bounds.

Genius. It's much easier to stop a guy wearing only one shoe.

(Courtesy Sports by Brooks)

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  • Venus

    What did you expect from the man who pioneered the pull down the shorts of the man you’re guarding technique?

  • Danno

    shouldn’t this be a tech?

  • G4L

    Does not suprise me at all.

  • That was the most exciting thing I’ve seen during this NBA season. Bravo.

  • redStoolsArmy

    what does that even mean? are you saying the lakers are boring? did you think this was a celtics highlight and are trying to make fun of them? i’m baffled right now.

  • Michael

    i think he was just trying to clear the lane.
    And anyone who saw D-Wade and Lebron go at it in the first half last week would not say or even imply that the NBA has been boring so far.

  • More importantly, what does your screen name mean? Are you a fan of red chairs commonly found in bars or are you a fan of bloody defecation? Both are odd…

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ha, that’s funny stuff. And even funnier is Trevor’s reaction. “Are you friggin serious?”

  • Sophomore

    What’s funnier from the point of view of this C’s fan is that the Lakers got the worst of the Ariza-Artest exchange.
    Don’t believe me? Look at their numbers this year on Ariza has a PER two points better than Artest, with a line of 18 pts, 5 rebs, 4 assists, 2 steals. Ron’s got similar rebs and assists, but he’s scoring only 12 and making only .5 steals pg. The steal number’s no surprise – Ariza is quicker and taller than Artest, and I expect he’s a better all-around defender. (Yes, Artest is still a good defender, but he *used* to be elite. Not anymore.)
    I predict the move will look bad this year, and worse every year until Artest and Ariza move on.

  • SorryMan

    You are retarted…put Ariza on a team with no identity full of role players and Artest on a team with several all-stars / andrew bynum and that’s how you compare them? Why don’t you compare Artest’s numbers in Houston WITH YAO to Arizas numbers now, then you might actually have a credible argument