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The Morning Dump… Joey Crawford Has A Huge Ego


He called two technicals in 21
seconds in a critical fourth-quarter stretch. The first was on Kendrick
Perkins for keeping his hands raised high after being whistled for a
foul on Granger.

struck again with 6:45 left when he called one on Celtics coach Doc
Rivers for waving his hand in disgust following a Kevin Garnett
offensive foul. Indiana was in the bonus with six minutes left in the
period and cruised to its fourth straight win.

Rasheed Wallace, who drew a technical in the first half, tried to contain his anger.

ain’t got no comment on it because I’m going to [expletive] around and
get fined some more,’’ he said. “You saw it for yourself, I am glad I
am almost done with this [expletive] man. This is bad for my blood

Globe – Celtics Worn Down By Pace

Crawford issued two technical fouls for non-verbal gestures? Aside from the middle-finger, I didn't think you could get T'ed up without speaking. Clearly Crawford felt disrespected by the Celtics and he made them pay. Referees are allowed to miss calls, but once they purposely inject themselves into the flow of the game, then you have a problem.

“I thought we were awful defensively,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers.
“Give (the Pacers) credit. I thought they ran a lot of nice stuff, but
we were awful. I don’t think we respected some of their guys, and some
of their guys made shots.”

Herald – Hoosier Daddy, Cs?

Lack of defense is the real reason the Celtics lost last night, not Joey C. I though Doc's quote summed it up best.

On Page 2, a great story on how KG treated Tyler Hansbrough the first time they met…

Garnett wasn’t exactly welcoming to Pacers rookies A.J. Price and Tyler Hansbrough when
he visited Indianapolis this summer to film a Wheaties commercial. As
Garnett exited Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana assistant coach Lester Conner asked
him to walk over and meet Price and Hansbrough, who were working out.
Garnett wasn’t exactly friendly. According to Conner, Garnett continued
to walk out and remarked, “[Expletive] your rookies.’’ Said Price,
laughing, “That pretty much let me know where I was at on the totem
pole. I thought I was going to have a chance to talk to him for a
second so I can say, ‘What’s up?’ and introduce myself. But I guess he
shot that down real quick.’’ . . .

A bit rude for my tastes, but sounds like it's KG being KG.

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  • Yup thats KG being KG – an asshole.
    Doc deserved his tech for not shutting up
    Perk on the other hand clearly did not deserve a foul nevermind a technnical foul
    My breakdown on the celtics slide is simple…this team needs rondo to be a superstar player every night, and out of nowhere he seems to be lacking confidence out on the court, and if hes not playing well we see the foundation of youth mixed with old veterans crumble to the ground…and its not really an idictment on rondo, its as much of an idictment on the “big 3” none of whom can consistently play at a superstar level, and wear out through the course of a game.

  • beachbumla

    Sheed’s comments were interesting…”You saw it for yourself, I am glad I am almost done with this [BS] man”, referring to his impending retirement. The refs changed the outcome of this game. It’s time for change in the NBA.

  • Spiraea

    It is kinda sad that now that he has his big contract, he starts to give very little to show he’s worth it. Before the contract, he was playing like an all-star.

  • rcry

    Spiraea –
    There’s too small of a sample size to make assumptions like that.

  • Spiraea


  • Al

    Is it just me or did KG and Ray get taken out when they were hot…KG had 9 in the first 8 minutes, then got benched, had 6 the whole rest of the game shooting 7-11!!! 7-11 – give the guy the ball ffs and KG DEMAND IT!
    Also Ray got hot in the 3rd then got benched with 4 mins left in the quarter…I don’t get this – I know the C’s play team ball and that it may have been their sub straTegy but ffs if a guy is hot and you’re making progress with Him in the game LEAVE HIM IN!!!!