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I want my Boston Celtics back

Yeah, it was that kinda night

3 days ago, the Boston Celtics were a special team.  3 days ago, I was telling people to savor this season like they would their last meal.

Tonight, people are chalking the Celtics up as an old team who are destined for a playoff upset.

The Celtics gave up 61 second half points.  They let Indy shoot over 53% from the field.  They let Indy shoot 50% from 3.  They got out-assisted 31-18.

Get it?  The defense sucked. 

Hey Celtics:  this is your reality check.  You got beat twice in a row by two teams with ZERO chance at winning a title.  Get your heads out of your asses and put these fools away. 

Is this a case of fans wanting to go 82-0 as the team mails in early games because they know they've got bigger goals in mind so they mail it in early so they can conserve energy and step it up late?  Maybe.  I friggin hope so.  All I know is hate losing… especially to a team that might not make the playoffs. 

Screw this.  We'll have analysis tomorrow.  Tonight, we bitch.  Let loose in the comments.

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  • bgil


  • NineSevenEight

    I have no idea what the Celtics identity is anymore. They’re known for their D, but I haven’t seen it in a while. They’re making opponents look like All-Stars giving them WIDE OPEN shots. They don’t seem to want to be the best defensive team to ever play like they initially claimed. I miss watching them play inspired basketball. Everyone just seems to look to the next man to make a play.
    Another tech for silent Perk. CLOCKWORK.
    11 down, 71 to go.

  • Color me unsuprised…It was a promising start to the season, but after the first 2 games they’ve been merely average win or lose

  • zauer

    I didn’t watch the game… But i just took back from party (it’s my birthday!) (i’m from Europe), see the score and i’m pissed. Yesterday outrebaunded, today outassisted. WTF. It’s f***in crazy that Indiana shots above 50% from field, 50% from three and Granger who shots poor 30% from three after 6 games is 6/9 against C’s. But no excuses, it was Indiana Pacers… Ech…

  • Lee Gonnella

    Not that anyone in the league looks invincible right now- just watched Cleveland barely get by Utah- but the C’s look like a bunch of old men. All any team has to do to beat them is put the ball on the floor and beat someone easily, and crash the offensive glass if they miss. Cant blame any one or two guys, they suck collectivly.
    ps….will someone please take Joey Crawford out of his misery? Is there any reason for his existence on the planet other than being a bitter old man?

  • CeltsFan33

    I don’t like losing games to teams that appear to want it more than us. That’s 2 games in a row we’ve been caught napping on D and losing focus. This could be a case of a veteran team taking nights off, but I didn’t expect it tonight after the Hawks loss.

  • NineSevenEight

    Joey’s the star of the show. He won’t let anyone forget that.

  • DRJ

    Joey Crawford is an asshole. Should be fined by the league for giving out unwarranted techs. Whatever… the refs were not the reason they lost tonight.
    They lost because the Pacers just got white hot from the field in the 2nd half. All of a sudden, EVERY ONE of them started hitting every jacked-up shot he took. It was surreal… but it happens. The Cs’ D was average, not bad… you can’t cover every opponent 100% of the time. You can’t expect guys who never shoot to suddenly become sharpshooters.
    What can the Cs do? Tighten up the D a bit more, practice their FTs (Rajon especially), and play with some more urgency. But whatever they do, they can’t win every game. Sometimes teams get white hot… and if you can’t match them, you’re out of luck and you will lose those games.
    I didn’t see any huge problems tonight. Just an opponent that got super-hot in the 2nd half and ran away with the game.

  • Christopher

    This leaves me in a bad mood, as did last night’s game. Cannot believe we dropped a nine point lead at the half. Here’s to the Patriots whipping Manning tomorrow night, at least…

  • Nora

    Screw overreactions after only 11 games.

  • rick

    laker fan here posting again :P. i will repeat, stop bitching. your teams is pretty much locked for the finals as is ours. its a 82 game marathon and there will be ups and downs and we hope to see you guys there. please dont disappoint laker fans 🙂

  • FSantos33

    Good Effort for 3rd Quarters.. but in the 4th UGH…Thanks to Joey Crawford going T happy on Perk, Doc and calling touchy fouls Celts collapsed. C’s didn’t help themselves with lackadaisical offensive attack and below average D’. Got our asses handed to us back to back nights. Ugh! Like I said last night C’s are looking slow, non-athletic, and predicable last several games. C’s will be fine but sometimes I don’t see this team want it bad enough. It’s early but get it together Green.

  • how much do you think big baby will help this team coming back?
    on one hand he could bring some energy off the bench, on the other hand where is the playing time for him going to come?
    maybe a trade is is order, who knows, i just know i want this bad play to cease immediately

  • DRJ

    A couple of suggestions:
    – Keep Shelden out there when he’s kickin’ ass like he was, and leave the ice-cold Sheed on the bench?
    – Give the young, high-energy Lester Hudson some real PT… and leave the ice-cold Eddie House on the bench. We’ve only seen a little of Hundson’s potential, because Doc is so far following his old bad habits by refusing to give him significant minutes. Doc, recognize this problem of yours and fix it. Now. Later will be too late. Just look at what the teenaged Brandon Jennings is doing. Rookies can be great… hell, they can be a revelation… but not without the chance to prove what they can do.

  • When does it become far enough into the season where we don’t say, “It’s too early to pass judgement”? 20 games?
    I say now.
    This is not the same team that destroyed Charlotte. This is not the same team that put an offensive clinic on for Utah. Sure the players names are the same. And the talent is still there. But the effort and commitment clearly is not there.
    I don’t pretend to know why our team looks the way they do. I know it isn’t the refs. It isn’t fatigue (better not be anyway after all the talk of off season preparation for this year). And it sure isn’t KG’s knee.
    The losses don’t really matter. The way they lose does. Last night it was guys going one on one and giving up the offensive rebound. So then tonight we get beat by team ball. 31 assists on 40 FG?!(that is not the stat of a team which is playing against any even mediocre level of defense)
    Maybe the team thinks too much of themselves. Maybe they’ll be humiliated after these two losses. I hope they are. Someone in the organization has to step up and demand each and every player is committed every night. KG? Doc? Captain Pierce? Where is the emerging leader Rondo?
    This is a great team. They just are not playing like one these days. Here’s to seeing them kick some ass in the coming days.

  • JD

    The Big 3 look somewhat old sometimes, Rasheed and Eddie are too one dimensional at times, because if they’re not hitting 3s, they hurt the team with their high volume of shots. Rondo has looked somewhat disinterested in the last two games, I don’t see that fire from him that usually burns in his eyes. And his FTs? Disgusting, in the bad way. At least Shelden Williams is working out great (exact opposite of P.O.B and Mikki Moore).

  • AboveTheRim

    They just got outplayed, out hustled and got beat. KG doesn’t have any spring on back to back nights…They’re a good team still getting a feel for each other. Sheed chucking it up like antoine right now…i like him down on the block posting up fools all day and occasionally throwing up 3s.
    They still money. Enjoy it if the lines prematurely move.

  • It is always darkest before the dawn..

  • Fakers “locked” for the Finals..?? take that bs somewhere else..lol

  • DRJ

    It’s pretty obvious why they’re losing…
    Notice how their losing ways have begun at roughly the same time as the release of the movie 2012. Oh yeah…. no coincidence! Sometimes… well, once anyway… it gets dark and stays that way.
    Why does the sun go on shining
    Why does the sea rush to shore
    Don’t they know it’s the end of the world
    ‘Cause the Cs ain’t winnin’ anymore

  • Nick

    Simply 2 concerns 1. Doc plays only 7 or 8 guys again which most teams do. WE however are different than mpst teams. We have some aging stars who need to be protected. Doc doesn;t seem to get that. Y not throw Giddens or Walker a fucking bone and get them each 7 or 8 solid minutes a night? No instead lets just burn out the big 3 and Ediie House, its really fucking dumb. 2. Young athletic squads like Atlanta, Indiana,and there are a few others AND teams with great offenses 1-4 such as Phoenix Orlando L.A and Denver could be an issue. That being said I think we still win 60 and win it all if Doc removes his head from his asshole

  • Gaffer

    Don’t be a dick. It’s a sad day that Lakers fans have more hope for our team than we do. As much as I love to see the Lakers fail, they’ve got as good of a shot of making it to the finals as anyone.
    I’m disappointed in the Celtics now, but I’m confident that’ll turn around. We’ve got another block of practice, hopefully things will get set on the right foot. I’m sure the team enjoys losing less than we do.

  • Mauritz

    On another note, Brandon Jennings put up 55. Against the Warriors, sure, but still. 55 is pretty decent for your 7th game in the league. It’s the first time a rookie scores more than 50 since Allen Iverson.

  • FSantos33

    Jennings has a chip on his shoulder, Curry was picked in the draft before he did so BJ went all out and put up 55 pretty fin’ crazy. He is also pissed that he is in cold weather in WI and Curry is chillin’ in the Bay. Jennings also broke or tied a Buck record most pts scored by a rookie since Kareem when he was a young Buck. Damn

  • Rajon needs to practice hes free throws, sure, but his misses have had nada to do with any losses, as someone said above its noones fault, they sucked collectively, annd we cant forget “the captain and the truth” missing 3 free throws in row in crunch time last night, ray allen missed 1, and KG plain never gets there.
    this team is old, too bad they cant work on being younger

  • Um, the lakers are virtually a lock for the finals….that laker fan knows what hes talking about

  • Enough with the lester hudson crap
    who cares what the teenage brandon jennings is doing, that has virtually nothing to do with hudson
    hudson isnt ready to help this team, and hes no teenager, hes 24

  • the big 3 look ancient…honestly theyre kinda boring to watch right now they look so old.
    rondo actually hasnt looked that interested in the last 2 games, i dont know whats going on or if something happened behind the scenes, but the team chemistry and intensity doesnt even look to be there right now. the starters have sucked after the first 2 games.
    Eddie House and Sheed are ice cold, how this happens when they start off the season hot is beyond me, actually how Pierce, Rondo, Sheed, House can all start off the season red hot and then a couple weeks later all seemingly be in a slump is beyond me.
    Rondo has to play like a superstar on both ends of the court for this team to be special, if hes simply a spectator this team falls apart, looks old, and cant put even the worse teams in the league away (NJ, MIN ring a bell?)

  • larry

    they seem like there heads are somewhere else..after all we have to remember there are “new” players on the team..it’s gonna take time to gell..it looks like rondo always wants to run…but everyone else is thinking “not so fast” young guy..whats the hurry.!!maybe they are getting older before our very eyes…and we just won’t accept it..

  • Lack of intensity, horrible defense, out-assisted, out-hustled, out-passioned, missing key free throws, bad shot selection down the stretch…
    WTF is going on???

  • Sophomore

    The Lakers are on the short list, no question, but not a lock. Just ask the Nuggets.

  • Sophomore


  • Sophomore

    I dunno. Last night the big 3 played 29-36 minutes. That’s not a ton. If you can’t play many minutes without losing your edge you’re not an NBA starter.

  • DOC—–C’mon. Start playing the whole team and stop with the starters/second unit crap. Sheldon Williams played great and off he went to the bench so the sorry starters could blow the game. Let’s get the starters motivated to play some defense, rebound, and pass the ball like they capable of before they get all the minutes. Especially Mr. $55 million man who badly needs to practice his free throws and be the leader he is supposed to be. It’s been the same old substitution pattern: starters/subs/starters in both halves. Even I could coach that. Doc, could you at least stick with great play like with Sheldon Williams? The so-called starters need a kick in the butt. And PLEASE—–WHERE IS THE DEFENSE????????

  • ask the nuggets what? what its like to lose in 6 to the lakers?
    I refuse to ackowledge there november blowout over a gasol-less lakers….means virtually nothing, nuggets wont beat the lakers in a 7 game series, barring pau gasol not returning

  • It is my duty as a RedsArmy HOF to razz Faker’s fans. I simply disagree that 10 games into the season anyone is a “lock” for the Finals-including my beloved GreenTeamers. Lighten up 😉

  • They are a good team-no doubt. See above reply to Gaffer..

  • Gaffer

    I’m just saying, a Laker fan actually said something nice about our team. I’m all for rivalry, but there’s no need to inject bitterness where there was none.

  • Yes-I agree. And I more or less was just busting chops..

  • Sophomore

    “barring Pau Gasol not returning…”
    And you’re 100% certain the Lakers will have no injuries because…?
    Beyond that, it’s silly to say that the Lakers, Nuggs, Spurs, Cs, Cavs or Orlando is a lock. None of these teams is head and shoulders above the others; the gap between them just too small. A few injuries or one team catching fire at the right time could easily tip the balance.

  • Thanks Sophomore-that’s really all I was getting at. No one is a “lock” for anything this early in the year… (except of course the Knicks to finish under .500)

  • wow-40 some odd comments. gotta love the passion of RedsArmy’s readers..great stuff.