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“…When they go out on the court, they’re on edge”

RedsArmyAdmin November 13, 2009 Uncategorized 1 Comment

The quote in the headline?  That belongs to Al Horford… and he's talking about the Celtics.

After yesterday’s practice, Kevin Garnett was asked if he considers the Atlanta Hawks a rival. The Celtics forward responded, “Not at all.” That comment didn’t surprise Al Horford,
though the Hawks forward believes the C’s know they’ll have a battle on
their hands when the teams face off tonight at 8 at the Garden.

“I’m sure they feel that way, but I know that when they go out on the court, they’re on edge,” Horford said after this morning’s shootaround at the Garden. “And they know what time it is because we’re going to bring our game.”

I'm just going to file this away for a few hours.  Rest assured, this will come back to haunt Mr. Horford after the Celtics hang 30 on the Hawks tonight.

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  • RivBoatGambler

    You got cash to back that 30 point win?