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The Morning Dump… Where Shelden Williams Lies about the Hawks

Chuck - Red's Army November 13, 2009 Uncategorized 1 Comment


Does he have something to prove to the Hawks?

anymore,’’ Williams said. “The first couple times I played against
them, I would tell you so. But now, I approach them just like another

“I don’t need those type of things to get me going. I have other personal things that get me going.’’

Boston Globe: Williams Onward, Upward

“It wasn’t a good situation that I came into, with the way things were
run there,” Williams added. “I never knew what to expect. I never knew
what was going on. I would have a good game, and then the next couple
of games I would barely play or not even play at all. I know rookies
have to go through ups and downs, but I just thought if somebody has a
good game they’d play the next game and not be held out. But I guess
they saw things differently.”

Herald: Williams Gets Shot at Ex-Team

I'm the type of guy who holds a grudge for eternity. If I'm Shelden Williams, I'd want to destroy the Hawks and bitch-slap coach Mike Woodson every time I played against them. Shelden seems like such a laid back guy, there's probably a good amount of truth in his statements. But don't say they're just like any other team. That's like giving amnesty to the ex-girlfriend who dumped your ass to . The sting certainly diminishes greatly over time, but it's always there. 

On Page 2, we wonder if the Hawks are still rivals.

Speaking of the Hawks, are they still considered a rival? It's been two years since the 7-game playoff series. As long as they have players to dislike – Mike Bibby, Al Horford – we as fans will always enjoy playing against Atlanta. But to call them rivals, there has to be more than a 5% chance of losing to them.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    You really think the hawks are that bad that you give a 5% chance of losing? The hawks have gotten a lot better, and have a great bench now. This is going to be a tough game so I wouldn’t say 5% thats a little ridiculous.