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Lebron Honors Jordan, Disses Bill Russell


Via Yahoo! Sports:

Michael Jordan apparently was in the house when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat down in Florida. His presence has apparently inspired James to give up the number he wears, No. 23, out of respect for Jordan, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

will be wearing No. 6 next season, wherever he ends up. He apparently
wants every player in the league to give up No. 23 out of respect for
Jordan. "I just think what Michael Jordan has done for the game has to
be recognized some way soon," James said. "There would be no LeBron
James, no Kobe Bryant, no Dwyane Wade if there wasn't Michael Jordan first."

Nice gesture LeBron.

However… do you realize the greatest winner in NBA history, and the true pioneer of the league – Bill Russell – wore #6?

There would be no Jordan, if not for Russell.

Get a clue and a history lesson.

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  • FSantos33

    Thanks Chuck what Lebron said didn’t sit well with me either. Nice gesture for #23 but what touched a nerve was when he said he might change his number to #6. Lebron also disses Jerry West saying since Jordan couldn’t get the NBA logo then everyone in the NBA should not wear #23 in honor of MJ. It’s one man’s option but Lebron really has to check himself and get a clue about NBA history.

  • Lakerhater

    LeBron is a douche. If you really wanted to honor MJ, do it yourself and shut the f#ck up about it. Like anyone outside of Cleveland or ESPN give a sh#t about whatever symbolism your doing this week. Media Whore.

  • DB

    I think I speak for many when I say LeBron is an unlikeable douche-nozzle who continues to diminish himself in the eyes of everyone except CLE fans…what a wanker!

  • Theeeee Otis

    Yea your completely right. DuelingCouches.com had a good piece on that too. Well with their terrible writing and nonsense.

  • Reality

    And all of you douche’s would suck his nuts if he decided to wear green next year so STFU!
    By the way…if you were wondering how to beat the Phoenix Suns, the Lakers showed you how to do it last night!
    Reality check given!!

  • Theeee Otis

    Child Please. First I probably assume your a Lakers fan. it’s not your fault. Second the Celtics will absolutely whoop the crap out of LA if they make it to the finals. because you people are constantly overlooking the spurs.

  • Cool16

    1st of people we all know who is the best number 6 but if u red that article right the reason why also he`s gonna change to 6 was because he liked Julius Erving. So please just for once calm down and let the so called King do his thing OK

  • DB

    Queen James in green would make me sick, no joke…

  • TrueCeltic

    The more this dudes speaks the stupider he looks, his game may have gotten more polished but his interviews have gone down hill

  • Hmmm…This stirred up some talk. LBJ seems to be unaware of NBA history before 1986. #6 should mean a lot more than #23…not saying that MJ wasn’t the best but as you mentioned Chuck, Russell was the best of his time in such a racially tense era. He definitely paved the way for players like Jordan. Google Bill Russell Lebron, you’ll get it.

  • I, like Jordan I’m sure, could give a fuck what LeBron has to say about NBA history

  • agreed

  • Venus

    I know trolling by its nature requires some idiocy but this post is just stupid.
    I doubt anyone is losing sleep over the Suns, no one here cares what you think think, that statement is clueless regardless of what jersey LBJ is wearing and an apostrophe cannot be used to make a word plural.
    Now run along back to your delusional trolling friends who need your “reality checks” more than we do.

  • And the Spurs showed you on Wednesday how to beat the Mavs.
    Recess is over. Go back to class.

  • DB

    Well said!

  • Amen brother!

  • CelticBalla32

    Come on guys… I’m as big a Celtics die-hard as the next man, but I think sometimes you all try a little too hard to find negatives with other team’s players. I understand the Boston bias, we all have a little in us (some more than others), but come on.
    A few posters above said that nobody cares what LeBron does for a publicity stunt. From my view, obviously you all do because you’re getting all worked up over it and discussing it in a negative light.
    If LeBron wants to honor the man he believes is the greatest player of all-time, then let him. No need to pick apart every sentence and try to make an honoring gesture by LeBron into something cruel and snarky.

  • Sophomore

    LeBron can honor Jordan all he likes, but he’s not just speaking for himself – he wants the entire league to retire number 23. Even worse is his logic. He says if *he* isn’t great enough to wear 23, then nobody is. I get that great players have egos, but that’s Kobe-quality self-love – way, way over the line. Ten years from now there’ll be a new great player, at least as good as LBJ – that’s how the world is. ON picking number 6, he’s not just dissing Russell, he’s also dissing Dr. J! I get that he’s young, so he didn’t see those guys play, but that’s just ignorant.
    LBJ is a fantastic basketball player – probably the best in the league right now – but he’s also talking like an ass.

  • I’d like to see Bill Russell bitch slap Lebron with one hand + 6 rings and then MJ with his other hand + 5 rings.
    Yeah. 11 rings, Lebron.
    How many rings can you use to defend yourself??

  • Lee in Oregon

    ‘Bron is a self-centered egomaniac whose a huge sense of entitlement. He has accomplished nothing yet other than prove he’s a bad loser. Who the fuck does Lebron think he is deciding what # gets league retirement? If Stern caves on this he’s a jerk AND an idiot. peace

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps…..this is all a pub grab anyways so Lebron can sell a bunch of jersys…..Kobe did the same thing by switching #’s a couple years back, except Kobe didnt jam his tongue up Jordans ass when he did it.

  • what a douche. this is all just a ploy to sell product. he should just change his jersey number to $.

  • and you know Kobe changed his number to 24 because he thinks he’s 1 better than MJ. I swear to god if the Lakers retire 8 and 24 for him I will throw up.

  • “…but I think sometimes you all try a little too hard to find negatives with other team’s players.”

  • Doug

    When he has eleven NBA championship rings like Russell, then he’ll be fit to wear #6.