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I’m lovin’ Rondo’s new move

Rajon Rondo has unveiled a new move this season: the quick change of direction.  It's a simple move, but it's so nasty.  He busted it out twice against the Jazz.

Very simply… he slows down and makes it look like he's going to take the ball out and set the play and then BAM…. he spins and gets to the rim for the layup.

Ya following me camera guy? 

The move is so slick, it makes Mike Gorman giggle with delight.  Rondo's used this a few times this year.  Eventually, teams are going to have to just stick closer to him when he dribbles through the lane so they don't get burned like that… which just means the Celtics can send cutters into the lane… which means Rondo can just lay down little bounce passes for dunks.  And then they sag off a little… and he spins again… wash, rinse, repeat.

And do you think that move looks familiar?  Do you think you've seen it before? 

You have… it's actually pretty famous.

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  • I dont know if hes actually unveiled it this season, maybe perfected it, got better at it or whatever…but ive seen this move in his arsenal for a while now…tis nice

  • Lex

    Yeah, not a new move

  • Rondo’s move proves that he is maturing and is making the most of his athletic ability. He is a pain to the opposition in the post with his aggressiveness on the boards and second chance points. You don’t see many point guards averaging 1.3 offensive rebounds per game. He is climbing up the ladder and becoming an elite PG. Oh and he’s only 23.
    On the MJ dunk over Patrick…lets put a spin on his Snickers commercial
    Patrick: “Michael”?
    MJ: “What’s up Patrick”
    MJ: “aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh”
    (dunk shatters backboard)
    (Patrick falls to the ground)
    MJ: “Ooops”
    Dunk on Patrick Chewing

  • JD

    hahaha that would be hilarious

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I thought his move was the fake around the back pass to a layup or floater (although I haven’t seen it this year)? But I like this one too.

  • He might have done this once or twice before… but he hasn’t used it as a weapon like he has this season. I feel like he’s setting guys up for this this year.

  • DRJ

    Harris looks absolutely lost in both clips. Hopeless. In truth, I don’t think there’s any human being that could stop that move. Once the defender takes one step forward to follow Rondo as he moves away from the basket… it’s over.