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Better facial: DWade on Andy, or Kemp on Lister?

I'm partial to the Shawn Kemp dunk myself.  The cuff-and-windmill action paired with the double-barreled pointing at the end just make it for me.

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  • BigMck

    Tough call. DWade’s dunk gets big points because he dunked on Andy V.
    But I think Kemp gets the nod for his antics.

  • gordbillybob

    The Kemp dunk is a far superior dunk, but the way that D-wade knocks Varejao down like a floppy bowling pin, he sends a much more intimidating message.

  • WR celtics fan

    gotta go with kemp on this one. andy v just kinda tumbles over, lister is sent careening to the ground under the weight of this powerful slam dunk. plus the double point is much classier than the step over that dwade tried to pull

  • WR Celtics fan

    did i mention how hes clearing the paint with some sort of insane bruce lee kick? BOO YEAH

  • FSantos33

    Both weak dunks compared to this one
    Look where he took off, knee in the throat,
    flying, flushes it with two hands.
    No celebration and runs back for D.

  • Jon

    Ok – tough call. But I’ll go with D-Wade because he was playing verse the “King” and MJ was a “witness”.

  • Gotta go wit D-Wade of Varejao partly due to the ratio of dunker to dunked on.
    Varejao spots D-Wade a few dozen pounds. Lister didn’t have a size advantage on Kemp.
    Plus anytime I can make Varejao look like a douche, I’m all hands on deck.

  • I think Wade’s dunk is nasty because LBJ got denied on the other end and Wade just embarrassed Varejao on the break.
    But Kemp’s finish and point at Lister takes the cake.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    That dunk is insane! It looks like Chambers has a jet pack on…right when he starts to lose altitude in his trajectory, all of a sudden he rises up.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Any dunk that makes Varejerk look that bad has to be classified in the category of “Best Dunks Of All Time”

  • wade but go back and look at Kevin Johnson dunk over the dream

  • 11rings

    Come on now. It’s not that hard to make Varejao look bad.

  • I gotta give it to Wade. The Kemp dunk wasn’t really on Lister, like the Flash dunk was ON sideshow bob. You can give it to Kemp on the point, but you have to factor in the fact that D-Wade when out of his way to step over the clown laying on the ground to further embarrass him. Don’t get me wrong I used to love the Rainman when I was a kid, but I think Wade takes this one.